Birds, fish, and now crabs: apocalypse now, or nature as usual?

Added to the list of mass animal deaths:

The apocalypse theories run the gamut:
What’s your theory? Post in the comments!

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Dead birds, fish: Signs of an apocalypse?

CNN: Why are fish, birds dying in Arkansas?

Reminds me of the scene in “The Core” when the birds all lost their ability to find direction and began dying, slamming into buildings, cars, and people.

Probably nothing, but…could be something?

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Who killed John P. Wheeler, and why?

The question on my mind this morning is what did John P. Wheeler, former Bush aide and now a homicide victim, know or do that got him murdered?

Wheeler’s body was found last Friday, New Year’s Eve, at the Cherry Island landfill. Investigators say he was killed and tossed in a dumpster in Newark.

Wheeler, who also went by “Jack,” was a Vietnam War veteran and served three different presidents on veterans’ affairs issues. He also played a big role in getting the Vietnam Memorial built.

Fox 29 caught up Monday with a longtime friend of Wheeler’s who was still coming to grips with the murder.

“It was just impossible to make sense of because somebody who was as respectable, as well-liked and as involved in high-minded causes as he had been, it just did not make any sense. So, in addition to just the tragedy of such a well-meaning, patriotic, generous person being killed, there was just the incongruity of this kind of crime happening to this type of person,” said Wheeler’s friend James Fallows,.

Recently, Wheeler made local headlines for a contentious lawsuit with a neighbor over construction of a home in a historic New Castle neighborhood where he and his wife lived.

His friend, an attorney on that case, says Wheeler’s murder doesn’t make sense.

“What baffles me is what happened in those three days – what happened between my last communication with him and a body being found? What was going on during those three days? I just don’t know for sure,” attorney Bayard Marin.

Asked if he thinks Wheeler’s dealings with the government had anything to do with this, Marin said, “It’s possible. It’s possible. But, then again, it may just be a random act by some thug or thugs who just committed a crime and tried to cover it up in some way.”

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