John P. Wheeler: Arsonist?

Was John P. Wheeler an arsonist? Wheeler’s lawyer says “tempers in the court case never rose to acrimonious levels”. Or is this part of a new smear campaign to make it look like he was the author of his own demise?

Does his profile seem like that of an arsonist to you? Where is the briefcase, and what was in it? Why is it so hard to find the crime scene location when the area is bristling with cameras? What were the white latex gloves used for that were found near a possible location where he might have been dumped?

“The biggest publicly known clue, Carbonell said, is that the killer or killers apparently tried to hide Wheeler’s corpse by placing it in a trash bin.

‘Guys who rob and shoot a guy do that and run,’ Carbonell said. ‘Somebody went to some extra effort to dispose of the body.'”

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