Farrakhan: “This is the sign of the great Mahdi”

“The christ that you hoped for…is present in the world.”

Well, maybe the anti-christ. And only one side in this battle is hoping for that to be present in the world. I’ll give you 50 guesses as to which side that is, and the first 49 guesses don’t count.

And, Lt. Colonel Allen West throws down with an Islamonazi-defending useful idiot:

Memo to GOP: Can we please get Mr. West on the GOP ticket so our President will actually have a spine when the Middle East unites against Israel and the U.S.?

Pretty please?

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What would you say to your friendly local truant officer? #StopSB136

Dear Homeschoolers,

A crisis is brewing in Illinois. Not a real crisis, mind you, but one cleverly manufactured by Senator Ed Maloney, who is neck deep in contributions from the teacher’s unions in this state.

Photograph of  Senator  Edward               D. Maloney (D)
Springfield Office:
Senator 18th District
311 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-5145
District Office:
10444 South Western Ave.
Chicago, IL  60643
(773) 881-4180
(773) 881-4243 FAX
Additional District Addresses

You see, Ed (can I call him Ed?) thinks that parents have no business raising and educating their children in the way that they see as best to do so. No, no. That’s not possible because only professional educators should have that privilege.

Yes, a government employee with “certifications” is much more qualified to produce the positive character traits, morals, and educational attainments, and to provide love, tolerance, acceptance, and one-to-one direct learning with a child than the child’s own biological parents.

There are simply too many kids “slipping through the cracks” in home school environments in Illinois. So many of them are idling away their time in boredom and ignorance, turning to drugs and alcohol to beat back the impending doom of their empty futures. Depression over not being able to take the latest standardized test, or to go to the Prom, is causing home schooled kids to be admitted regularly to local hospitals and placed under immediate psychiatric care. And the sibling rivalry! Peer pressure from unrelated individuals in age-based, largely arbitrary grade level peer groups is really just better for the kids in the long run.

Not really.

But Illinois Senator Ed. Maloney (D) would like you to think so.

For more on this developing story, follow the discussion on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #StopSB136 and by reading the prepared testimony of home educator Susan Ryan for the hearings going on RIGHT NOW (as of this writing).

Also, let me know (either in comments or via Twitter) what you would say, as a home schooler, to a truant officer knocking on your door (without a warrant) and demanding to “review” your curriculum and educational environment.

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150 Grassroots protesters help Rahm get back on the ballot again

Watch the video below. Look at all those perfectly civil, 100% authentic grassroots Rahm Emanuel supporters with their all handmade signs. Not a fancy astroturfing sign among them.

The best part about this video is the part where the loud, profoundly angry, illiterate, bitter, and virulently racist “teabagger” comes on at the end and becomes completely unhinged.

No corruption here. Just move along, Chicago residents, and keep doing what you do best…sticking your heads in the sand.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel looks ...

Someday, this office will be mine. Allllll mine. Just need to be mayor for a few years, maybe a run for Governor, and then--the Presidency. Muuuuhahahahahaaa!

Rahm Supports Chicago DREAM Act If Elected

President Barack Obama with White House Chief ...
“See, I get elected Chicago mayor and then I pull one
over on the voters and we get de facto DREAM!”

Being ever so generous with citizen taxpayer money flowing to non-citizens, many of whom don’t pay any taxes, Rahm Emanuel is now saying he would support a Chicago-based DREAM act if he were to be elected Mayor.

The Huffington Post reports:

In recent months, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been widely criticized by immigration reform advocates who say he did not throw enough support behind the DREAM Act when he was in Washington. Emanuel has disputed those claims, and is now out to prove just how much he supports giving the children of immigrants a chance to attend college in the United States.

The Chicago for Rahm campaign issued a press release Thursday evening touting Emanuel’s plan for immigration reform…in Chicago.

“Just because Congress has yet to pass the Dream Act doesn’t mean we will wait for progress in Chicago,” Emanuel said in a statement. “All children in Chicago deserve to have access to a quality education, and we will make sure they have that opportunity.”

So, Arizona is sued by the Federal government for picking up the slack on border enforcement after the Feds refuse to enforce a basic law of any country, but Rahm has plans to make city-only laws that are in direct conflict with the Federal government’s Constitutional mandate to protect our borders from incursion.

The madness has fully settled in. The body politic is full of gangrene.

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