Are there really “crisis actors” and “false flag” events? #falseflag #crisisactors

This could be something. It could be nothing. But a hunch compels me to investigate.

Today, I saw this image for the first time:

BLztV_rCcAABhFK.jpg large

When I have time, like today, I like to dig deeper into these types of memes to see what drives them, how they originated, and if there is any truth to them.

What I found with this one surprised even me. It’s not that I found conclusive answers. I just found too many unanswered questions.

Way too many unanswered questions.

Here is the trail I followed:

1. The tweet I saw this photo on mentioned the domain I can no longer find the original tweet (I have too many people in my timeline to go scrolling for it, and I don’t have THAT much time on my hands). But a search for “” on Twitter revealed enough.

I took a look at the site. Could be legit, could just be a parody, could just be a sick fantasy concocted by some guy living in his mom’s basement.

2. I check out the domain on to see who it belongs to. Looks like one John Simmons at

An IT security professional I consult for deep dives into domain stuff (whom I will, for now, keep anonymous) did some research and found that John Simmons has 2,588 active domains which are not behind an identity shield. He also owns the .com & .net for this top-level domain, which redirects to

The WhoIs history for and are all consistent over time and show no real evidence of trying to hide anything. In fact, it seems to show that John Simmons seems to be trying to corner the market on names for 3D movies. If John Simmons is a fake, he’s a consistent fake.

3. has its location at 9107 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450, in Beverly Hills. A 2011 Google Maps streetview of the location reveals its address has been scraped off at some point and re-addressed… from 911(?) (last digit indecipherable) to 9107.

4. The “Spaces for Lease” sign advertises a URL of which is registered privately to Yasukazu Yokoi, but curiously displays an address (despite being privately registered) of 2316 Delaware Ave Suite #266, Buffalo, NY, 14216-2687. That address resolves to this on Google Streetview. It looks like it’s either the “Blue Wireless” store or the King of Diamonds retail jewelry store across the street. Maybe the company is incorporated in NY, hence the domain name registration address, but that doesn’t answer why the address resolves to such a nondescript location.

5. A search for Yasukazu Yokoi reveals that he is associated with one Hiromitsu J. Urano and with Den Music, Inc., a subsidiary of Den Publishing USA. Upon closer inspection, we find that they are both under the title “President” of the company(ies). Investors?

6. So, what is Den Publishing USA or Den Music, Inc? Where are they located and what do they do?

Den Publishing USA is online at Here are the domain registration records. The site itself seems pretty innocuous, if not completely disconnected from what Den Music, Inc is about.

Den Music, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1988 with $390,000 in estimated annual revenue (which fiscal year?) employing zero to 10 people. It is located at none other than 9107 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450, in Beverly Hills. This time in Suite 200.

Den Music, Inc. has no web site. Furthermore, the listing notes that “The company primarily operates in the Motion Picture and Video Production Companies industry.” A music or film company, with a tiny number of employees, apparently still operational and generating revenue, but with no discernable or easily findable website in this day and age? Hmm.

Back to the photo, here is one of the original photographs. And here it is again on a Nigerian news site. And, I’m embedding it in my blog for “safekeeping”.

article-2305255-028F5A4200000514-962_634x417The fact that no one seems to be producing all three originals of the meme image above raises some questions.

A search of Google Images for actor headshots from doesn’t seem to turn up who this woman is, at least not that I can see. And the site requires registration to get into it (I’m not that into this…but if you are, go ahead and register–just be sure to check to see who it is when you open your door from then on).

If anyone knows where to find the originals of the other two photos for closer analysis, please provide info in the comments.

Any takers on debunking this line of questioning, or proving it has merit?


Andrew Breitbart’s “natural causes” death…was it?

The minute I heard of Andrew Breitbart’s sudden passing, and how quickly he passed away, I had a feeling of dread. Maybe it’s just because I’m a whackjob conspiracy theorist. Ok, I’ll own a portion of that. I’ve been known to have to be talked down from a few crazy ideas. At least I can admit it, so I don’t have a problem. Right?

But maybe it’s because, despite his family’s (alleged?) history of heart health issues, I had a hard time believing that Breitbart, a guy with as much energy and vibe as he exhibited at CPAC this year and who has pulled off some freakishly awesome video truthtelling over the past few years, would have the propensity to simply keel over in instant death at midnight while walking down the street…in the dark…after just weeks before having claimed to possess incriminating videos of the most power-mad president in U.S. history, Barack Hussein Obama, from his college days…and stuff.

Put this together with one of his last tweets and you have some very interesting material indeed for a best-selling conspiracy book at the very least.

Look, I’m not entirely immune to the idea that it was a bunch of capitalist pig Wall Street-ers behind this and other suspicious deaths around the country. After all, they have a lot to lose if Obama is suddenly no longer “their guy”.

Nevertheless, here are the deliberate, emphatic, and truthful words that I think should immortalize Mr. Breitbart: “Barack Obama is a radical. We should not be afraid to say that.”

Yeah, them was fightin’ words he spoke at CPAC. Those videos he had are toxic now. If he didn’t set a dead man’s trigger, I  hope he at least left them in the care of someone able enough not to get killed in the process of distributing them. Whoever it is that has them, upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, and as many other video sites as you can find! Now! They’re coming for you next!

Breitbart probably never saw it coming…whatever…or whoever… it was that killed him.