Google and Yahoo! privacy measures regularly infiltrated by NSA.

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Your Christmas newsletter in Google Docs is now being proofread by NSA contractors

It should come as no surprise that encryption has become a very topical news item which has been appearing with increasing frequency. Yesterday the Washington Post revealed exactly what was going on by publishing these news stories:

The opening line of the first news report says it all:

The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, according to documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials.

One of the more interesting tidbits from the Washington Post’s story was this item:

In an NSA presentation slide on “Google Cloud Exploitation,” however, a sketch shows where the “Public Internet” meets the internal “Google Cloud” where their data reside. In hand-printed letters, the drawing notes that encryption is “added and removed here!” The artist adds a smiley face, a cheeky celebration of victory over Google security.

Two engineers with close ties to Google exploded in profanity when they saw the drawing. “I hope you publish this,” one of them said.

The question becomes what did Google know and when did they know it. Fortunately the news reports establish a chronology for the events describe by the Washington Post. On or about 2013-09-06 stories began to appear that Google had embarked on an extensive effort to encrypt all the data passing between its datacenters worldwide but there were not too many details as to why other than a distrust of the NSA. Apparently Google had become aware that their networks had been hacked in early September based on these stories which suddenly began to appear about that date.

This was a joint project between the governments of the United States and Great Britain and is clearly illegal under the laws of both nations. This makes Watergate look like a Sunday Social. Clearly corporations need to expand their security perimeters into areas which were previously believed to be secure. All data in motion must be encrypted, even on internal networks!


Twitter Suspends[/Reinstates] Account of Group that Created Viral ‘If I Wanted America to Fail’ Video Without Explanation #stopenvironmentalists

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Courageous Illinois Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Cops – YouTube

Courageous Illinois Man Faces 75 Years In Prison For Recording Cops – YouTube

Welcome to the People’s Republic of Illinois!

Public school is the problem, not home school. #StopSB136

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Just a great, great capture of how home educators feel about SB136.

Across the state, thousands of families are quietly pursing their own path. Not burdening the system, not asking for a handout, not sucking up tax dollars, not filling up the youth prisons or wreaking havoc on the streets. (No, we don’t have numbers on this. But do you know anybody mugged by a homeschooler?)

In a time when the burdens of Illinois are staggering, the menace of unregistered homeschoolers seems to rank — oh, maybe 145,678 on the list of things that need fixing, somewhere after rules on toilet paper ply strength and gerbil husbandry.

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What would you say to your friendly local truant officer? #StopSB136

Dear Homeschoolers,

A crisis is brewing in Illinois. Not a real crisis, mind you, but one cleverly manufactured by Senator Ed Maloney, who is neck deep in contributions from the teacher’s unions in this state.

Photograph of  Senator  Edward               D. Maloney (D)
Springfield Office:
Senator 18th District
311 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706
(217) 782-5145
District Office:
10444 South Western Ave.
Chicago, IL  60643
(773) 881-4180
(773) 881-4243 FAX
Additional District Addresses

You see, Ed (can I call him Ed?) thinks that parents have no business raising and educating their children in the way that they see as best to do so. No, no. That’s not possible because only professional educators should have that privilege.

Yes, a government employee with “certifications” is much more qualified to produce the positive character traits, morals, and educational attainments, and to provide love, tolerance, acceptance, and one-to-one direct learning with a child than the child’s own biological parents.

There are simply too many kids “slipping through the cracks” in home school environments in Illinois. So many of them are idling away their time in boredom and ignorance, turning to drugs and alcohol to beat back the impending doom of their empty futures. Depression over not being able to take the latest standardized test, or to go to the Prom, is causing home schooled kids to be admitted regularly to local hospitals and placed under immediate psychiatric care. And the sibling rivalry! Peer pressure from unrelated individuals in age-based, largely arbitrary grade level peer groups is really just better for the kids in the long run.

Not really.

But Illinois Senator Ed. Maloney (D) would like you to think so.

For more on this developing story, follow the discussion on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #StopSB136 and by reading the prepared testimony of home educator Susan Ryan for the hearings going on RIGHT NOW (as of this writing).

Also, let me know (either in comments or via Twitter) what you would say, as a home schooler, to a truant officer knocking on your door (without a warrant) and demanding to “review” your curriculum and educational environment.

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IL State Senator: We want to know where the homeschoolers are

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Do you live in Illinois?

Have you chosen to educate your children at home?

State Senator Ed Maloney would like you to turn over your records on how you’ve been educating your own children in the safety of your own home.

You see, he doesn’t trust you. No, he trusts the professionals in the government-run schooling system. You know, the one that you ran screaming from when you pulled your kid(s) out of school for whatever good reason you, as a parent, had for doing so.

So, Maloney (rhymes with Baloney) is sponsoring SB 136, stating “We’re not going for the private school students, we’re going to change that [in the proposal].  What we want to know is where the homeschoolers are.  It’s as simple as that.”

You hear that? He’s coming for you and your children. Then he’s going to send a truant officer to your home if you don’t fill out the forms properly.

Is this the education experience you envisioned for your kids when you pulled them from the public schools? More importantly, is this the America you wanted?

Even if you don’t educate your children at home, you have an obligation to fight this tyranny. There is no constitutional mandate for sending a truant officer to your door simply because you and your children have chosen an alternate mode of education. Rather, the constitution is a long list of “thou shalt nots” aimed squarely at big government overreach.

And if this isn’t a clear and present example of overreach, I can’t imagine what is.

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