Bitcoin, light bulbs, and a new financial tyranny

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Most Americans, if they know the answer to the question “who invented the light bulb” at all, believe that it was Thomas Edison. But did you know there is some evidence to indicate that Thomas Edison originated the idea of an alternative currency exchange like Bitcoin?

That bit about the light bulb is not quite true. At least not in the way most of us have learned it in grade school. At the time of Edison’s invention, several people were working on developing a light bulb. What Edison invented, in addition to his version of the light bulb, was the network infrastructure (i.e. the ecosystem) to support the light bulb.

Edison had to arrange for coal barges to deliver coal from the mines in Pennsylvania to his new electrical generator which he built in NY City, string the wires to the business and homes of his subscribers, wire those business and homes and install the light bulbs. In addition, he had to develop metering and billing systems to charge his customers for the new service. Still, Edison’s unique mix of drive, ingenuity, and grit put him in a position to do this when few others could have pulled it off.

What has become painfully obvious in the past several weeks is that while Bitcoin (i.e. the latest “light bulb”) works, the supporting infrastructure (i.e. the ecosystem) doesn’t work. This is due to serious security issues which were never identified and/or addressed at its inception.

In the newest revelations pertaining to Bitcoin, and even going back to December 2013, we find some news reports that JPMorgan has been filing patent applications to gain control of a Bitcoin-like technology and the supporting ecosystem. Below are some news reports, links and two very recent patent applications by JPMorgan.

One of the standard tricks of the Capital City Ruling Class is to take a computer-generated document and render it as a non-searchable graphic in a PDF. The two attached PDFs from the US Patent Office have been OCR scanned to restore text searching.

Just as the Internet can be the greatest force for the liberation of humanity in the past ten thousand years, in the hands of a group like the NSA it can be the instrument of our enslavement. Likewise, Bitcoin, which has the potential of liberating financial transactions from the tyranny of government control, in the hands of a willing government proxy such as JPMorgan would give the government total control of the economy.

What is not yet apparent in any declaration is whether the Bitcoin technology is in the public Domain. GNU is happy to accept donations in Bitcode but there doesn’t appear to be any deceleration as to its status in GNU.

Bottom line: The Bitcoin Foundation had better start declaring all the technology in the public domain or plan to start paying very high royalties to JPMorgan.

Also included below is a report from Think Progress pertaining to the evils of Bitcoin, which is historically funny. It looks like Think Progress and JPMorgan may have found a common cause.

Bitcoin: By The Privileged, For The Privileged

Bitcoin rival or lost chance? J.P. Morgan applies to renew a 13-year old anonymous payments patent

J.P. Morgan files for digital-payment patent

JPMorgan Chase Building Bitcoin-Killer

Method and system for processing internet payments using the electronic funds transfer network (A patent application for Bitcoin by JPMorgan!)

System and Method for Sharing Information in a Private Ecosystem (Another JPMorgan patent application for a supporting ecosystem!)

Apparently the JPMorgan patent is not meeting with much success at the USPTO as the following report makes very clear.

JPMorgan’s “Bitcoin-Alternative” Patent Rejected (175 Times)

Meanwhile JPMorgan reaches new levels of hypocrisy.

Jamie Dimon is not a Bitcoin fan despite JPMorgan filing patent for similar payment system


Operation “Choke Point”: Obama’s Weaponization of Government

Banks are taking punitive actions against the firearms industry. This is part of a broader initiative to control Americans through the Federal Reserve, which is accountable to no one.

Obama’s Weaponization of Government

“According to the Administration, those industries interestingly include ammunition salesgun sales, home-based charities, gambling, pharmaceutical sales, short-term loans, raffles, Amway and Mary Kay-style sales businesses, and credit repair services.”

“Then there’s the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, once headed by Elizabeth Warren, also now a key cog in the Obama Administration’s effort to regulate industries and personal decision-making.   The CPFB is rapidly becoming, next to the Justice Department, the Administration’s agency of choice for extending the reach of government into our daily lives and stretching the limits of the law.  Unfortunately for Americans, this little-known agency is housed as part of the Federal Reserve so it exists outside of the direct pervue of Congress.  How convenient for the President.”

Rep. Issa Probes DOJ Crackdown on Banks, Other Companies

Obama’s ‘Operation Choke Point’ Seeks to Destroy Sectors of Private Lending Industry

Third Party Payment Processors: Relationships, Guidance, and Case Examples

In their own words, federal logos and all. Download a copy of the PDF for safekeeping.

The official government hit list is on PDF page 7. In addition to usual sin industries, Native Americans are on the list for gambling and tobacco. The real agenda is guns and the disarming of America.

High Risk Merchants/Activities (PDF Page 7)


Ammunition Sales


“As Seen on TV”


Credit Card Schemes


Credit Repair Services


Drug Paraphernalia


Escort Services


Firearms/Fireworks Sales




Get Rich Products


Government Grants


Home Based Charities


Life Time Guarantees


Pyramid Type Sales


Pay Day Loans


Pharmaceutical Sales




Ponzi Schemes


Racist materials




Surveillance equipment




Tobacco Sales


Other Payment Processors

Justice Department Inquiry Takes Aim at Banks’ Business With Payday Lenders

The Left is focusing on payday lenders and is ignoring everything else.

“In the new initiative, called “Operation Choke Point,” the agency is scrutinizing banks both big and small over whether they, in exchange for handsome fees, enable businesses to illegally siphon billions of dollars from consumers’ checking accounts, according to state and federal officials briefed on the investigation.”

On January 7, 2013 the following news report appeared, which I thought was strange at the time:

Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer’s Account, Company Owner Claims

Don’t trust the following website because I can’t verify who is running it. This could be a sting by the Left and the site should not be trusted until proven otherwise.

Stop The Choke

Even if we vote them out of office, this cabal is NOT going to give up power easily.

Willy Wonka on the Keynesians and Global Warming Alarmists

There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going
There’s no knowing where they’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing
So the danger must be growing

Are the fires of Hell a-glowing?

Is the grisly Reaper mowing?
Yes! The danger must be growing
‘Cause the rowers keep on rowing

So, how’s that global warming working out for you?

Based on NASA/GISS data going back to 1880:

  • The trend of annual mean temperatures since 1880 is warming of 0.59 degrees Celsius per century.
  • The trend over the last nine years (since 2002) is one of cooling.
  • There has been no statistically significant (at 95% confidence level) warming in 14 years (since 1997).
  • The trend in March temperatures for the last 12 years (since 2000) is one of cooling.
  • There has been no statistically significant warming in March for 17 years (since 1995).
  • March 2012 was the coolest March in 13 years (since 1999).

Similar observations can be drawn from Hadley Center data from the U.K., which goes back to 1850.

  • The trend of annual mean temperatures since 1850 is warming of 0.45 deg. C per century.
  • The trend over the last 13 years (since 1998) is one of cooling.
  • There has been no statistically significant warming in 16 years (since 1995).

In short, both temperature data sets (NASA and Hadley Center) show

  1. Minimal global warming over the last 130 to 160 years: about half a deg. C per century.
  2. No statistically significant global warming in the last 14 to 17 years.
  3. Global cooling in the last 9 to 13 years.

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Taxing castles to redistribute sand…

Where the money comes from is beside the point to big-government Keynesians, who look out across the economic landscape and dream of smoothing out the sands.  They’re smart and know “real things” — so when their stimulus policies fail, they blame ambition and greed because, no matter how much monetary sand they add, they can’t control what beachgoers do with it.  Some dig holes, some build castles, but 99% of us spread it around more or less evenly.  This election year, we’re told, 1% hoard sand, doing the equivalent of hiding cash under their mattresses.  How un-American, according to Professor Obama, who told the United Auto Workers in February, “America’s not just looking out for yourself, it’s not just about greed, it’s not just about trying to climb to the very top and keep everybody else down.”

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Michigan government forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs and piglets #PETA #areyoupayingattention? #OFCOURSENOT

The more I read, the more I realize how close we are to losing our national way of life forever. In fact, I think it has already happened.

As a novice homesteader just getting my own self-sufficiency operations going, I am greatly concerned by the news of the Michigan DNR, which is only one state to the east of my location, slaughtering and causing famers to slaughter “invasive species” pigs that were no threat to anyone. How long until my state would force the local organic farmer I buy my bacon from to do the same.

Oh? You don’t think this news will affect you because you don’t own a farm? Where do you think YOUR food comes from?

In anticipation of the DNR arriving on the scene, one farmer engaged in what can only be described as a heart-wrenching task of shooting his own pigs, one by one, including baby piglets before the DNR arrived. This was to avoid being arrested as a felon. His livelihood is now completely destroyed, as the state of Michigan has put him out of business. Even after this farmer informed the DNR that he had destroyed his entire herd of pigs, the DNR continued to illegally acquire a search warrant by providing false information to a court Judge, then conducting an armed raid on his ranch to verify that the entire herd of pigs had indeed already been shot to death. That this took place satisfied the DNR, which is now showing itself to be engaged in the mob-style destruction of targeted farming businesses through its mass-murder agenda of Michigan’s small-scale farm pigs.

via NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs.

Halt the dam dismantling on the Klamath River! #stopenvironmentalists

How environMENTAL regulations affect REAL people.

They did this to my community, shutting down all mining and logging. They spiked trees to “save” them from loggers, which ultimately killed the trees. They successfully federalized forest management to the point that wide swaths of the forests with no undergrowth management burned to the ground. Other forests were devastated by beetle infestations that could have been prevented with spraying. They have successfully lobbied to restrict most ranching, leaving us with a 3 month seasonal tourism economy. What little ranching remains is still under constant attack.

Totalitarian environmentalism must be STOPPED and STOPPED NOW!!!

Fish or Foul on the Klamath River – YouTube.

Vatican Fulfills Ancient Prophecy About Anti-Christ: Calls for ‘Central World Bank’

I don’t believe in the Rapture, per se, but I do believe in the signs of Christ’s Second Coming and that He will come again…if only to rescue those who want to be rescued from complete and total annihilation at our own hands because of our own stupidity.

Euro Zone: Vatican Calls for ‘Central World Bank’ to Be Set Up – CNBC

Update: The October 2011 article on CNBC is now down the memory hole. Luckily others had copy/pasted it for posterity. I quote:

The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises.

A major document from the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department should be music to the ears of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.

The 18-page document, “Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority,” was at times very specific, calling, for example, for taxation measures on financial transactions.

“The economic and financial crisis which the world is going through calls everyone, individuals and peoples, to examine in depth the principles and the cultural and moral values at the basis of social coexistence,” it said.

It condemned what it called “the idolatry of the market” as well as a “neo-liberal thinking” that it said looked exclusively at technical solutions to economic problems.

“In fact, the crisis has revealed behaviors like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale,” it said, adding that world economics needed an “ethic of solidarity” among rich and poor nations.

“If no solutions are found to the various forms of injustice, the negative effects that will follow on the social, political and economic level will be destined to create a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid,” it said.

It called for the establishment of “a supranational authority” with worldwide scope and “universal jurisdiction” to guide economic policies and decisions.

Such an authority should start with the United Nations as its reference point but later become independent and be endowed with the power to see to it that developed countries were not allowed to wield “excessive power over the weaker countries.”

Effective Structures

In a section explaining why the Vatican felt the reform of the global economy was necessary, the document said:

“In economic and financial matters, the most significant difficulties come from the lack of an effective set of structures that can guarantee, in addition to a system of governance, a system of government for the economy and international finance.”

It said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) no longer had the power or ability to stabilize world finance by regulating overall money supply and it was no longer able to watch “over the amount of credit risk taken on by the system.”

The world needed a “minimum shared body of rules to manage the global financial market” and “some form of global monetary management.”

“In fact, one can see an emerging requirement for a body that will carry out the functions of a kind of ‘central world bank’ that regulates the flow and system of monetary exchanges similar to the national central banks,” it said.

The document, which was being presented at a news conference later on Monday, acknowledged that such change would take years to put into place and was bound to encounter resistance.

“Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world authority and to regional authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalizes world.”

This article reads like it came right out of a Tim LaHaye novel.

Better yet, forget novels. It’s ripped straight from the prophetic headlines of the Book of Revelation.

After reading and reviewing the book Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown and then Shadow Government: How the Secret Global Elite Is Using Surveillance Against You, which also describes a concerted effort to merge all banks into one, I have a hard time believing that what I’m reading daily in the news is just part of an imagined conspiracy theory.

Cover of "Aftershock: Protect Yourself an...

Cover via Amazon

The very real possibility of there being a single world bank in the near future should ring every alarm bell in every human being’s mind. The puppetmasters are now acting in the open. They have leveraged the principle of the Overton Window to break down our barriers and defenses against authoritarianism and have reduced our individual and sovereign governments to ashes by their Machiavellian machinations.

Now they stand at the precipice of that New World Order we were conditioned to think was the invention of the mad Jim Birchers and their ilk. I, too, used to think they were nuts until I actually started paying attention to the news of the world, current events, politicians, and the like. I’m not exactly a card-carrying Jim Bircher, but I do think they have a point and that the preponderance of evidence in this debate is definitely in their favor!

It’s very clear to me now that we, as individuals, can no longer count on our present government to stave off foreign and elitist influence into our daily lives. We are forcibly becoming part of a new scheme to centralize the world’s wealth into the hands of a secret and untouchable few. Their new world diktats will control the details of every aspect of our lives. Their systems of control will spy on our every transaction and our every movement through the world economy they are setting up.

Reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

Image via Wikipedia

It’s still the same old game of three-card Monte. It’s just that it’s moving to the global playing field. Anyone who thinks that this is Occupy Wall Street’s, or anyone’s, great moment to equalize wealth distribution is about to learn a very painful and troublesome lesson. The Builders are about to erect a new tower to Heaven, with us as their slaves to help them build their monolith. They seek to dethrone God and become gods among men.

They will fail. They have forgotten their history as we also have forgotten ours.


Rosanne says “Stop at $100M” or heads will roll! Ignores her own net worth.

Rosanne Barr wants a $100M cap on personal wealth, or heads will literally roll. Rosanne had better be careful….she’s only $20M shy of her noggin’ goin’ joggin’.