The Mother of All Computer Security Problems Will Be North Korea. Think EMP.

Nuclear north korea

Nuclear north korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The talk radio circuit did something today that I never thought they’d do. Usually, even conservative talk radio eschews talking about things they deem “extreme” such as Doomsday Prepper type scenarios (unless they’re making fun). But with new tensions between the US and North Korea in the last year, and especially in the last few days, they’re now seriously talking about an EMP event being likely in the near future.

The host on early this morning in Chicago, Big John Howell, is a self-described moderate who regularly makes fun of preppers and other “extreme right-wingers” for concocting weird survivalist scenarios to scare people. Today, he had as a guest a former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, to talk about what was going on with recent NK developments.

Maloof is a Pentagon veteran who made a career of attempting to suppress the trade in high-tech goods with military uses. He was awarded the Defense Department’s Distinguished Civilian Service Award, then thrown under the bus by Pentagon brass for daring to pursue links between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

On the show, Maloof went into how US officials are tracking NK’s latest launch of a “package” into orbit that could be a miniaturized nuke meant to trigger an EMP. Instead of being his skeptical self, the host was “all in” citing his recent reading of the book “One Second After“. I read part of it a few years ago.

The book’s scenario from when it was published in 2009 is eerily playing itself out now, with Iran seemingly fighting (another) proxy war against the West by giving aid to and partnering with a rogue country that has a demonstrated nuclear capability ahead of Iran’s own. All of what NK has for its nuclear capabilities originated with A.Q Khan, the Pakistani scientist who stole NATO nuclear secrets in the 70s and single-handedly gave Pakistan its nuclear program in the late 90s.

Here’s an article I saw getting a lot of play on Twitter last night.

Also, see “Iran: 2013 Will Be Fall of American Empire“.

As I write this, the US is sending warships to the region to send a message to Kim Jong Un but it appears this might be too little, too late as NK seems to have committed itself to some course of drastic action. It has stopped listening to China’s warnings to back down (the Chinese don’t want the refugees, nor the loss of all those Walmart stores in America). Jong Un has just closed one of the rare instances of diplomacy between NK and SK by blocking access to a major manufacturing facility it had allowed SK to build across the border in NK territory.

I hope you buy a shortwave radio and that you build a Faraday cage to house it. Last night I bought a ton of batteries on sale at Radio Shack as well as a multimeter. People who can fix electronics, have an inventory of batteries, and can communicate with the outside world will be in high demand when this all goes down.


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