Open Letter to Publishers and Editors

To editors:

I’ve unsubscribed from Bulldog Reporter after 3 years of being a loyal fan of your publication.

I work in the PR profession, but I am also a patriot and cannot abide further erosion of 2nd Amendment protections. Your skewed article maligning the NRA and blaming it for violence in our society was what ended my relationship with your site. Blaming the NRA for Sandy Hook is like blaming AAA for drunk drivers. Furthermore, the video you cited was showing military firearms not available to the general public, once again showing your ignorance about the distinction between fully automatic and semi-automatic weaponry.

Your other skewed article helping to dictate to the free market what toys are and aren’t acceptable to make and sell was just as disingenuous. The hypocrisy lies in the Hollywood elite, who direct and act in films that glorify violence and drive the sales of video games, and who then decry the NRA as being the cause (not a contributor, but the cause) of the Sandy Hook and Aurora incidents.

For example, James Holmes cited his love of the Joker character who was characterized as just wanting to see the world burn. Adam Lanza was into movies and video games that filled his disturbed mind with scenes of bloodshed and killing. The ideas pouring into the minds of children and young adults originates in Hollywood, and everything else flows from that. Put pressure on Hollywood to purify the source of the river and you’ll clean up its banks.

You and others in the mass media are counter-productively trying to destroy the one right that protects your right to say these things. A government which does not fear the people because of the 2nd Amendment will quickly run roughshod over the 1st Amendment.

But it looks like you’re okay with helping the Obama administration dismantle the Constitution. I’ll leave you to that. See how that works out for you. Meanwhile, I will do my best to dismantle your readership by calling for a boycott of Bulldog Reporter.