Boy Scouts Reaffirm Right to Assemble Upheld by Supreme Court

History of the Boy Scouts of America

In 2000, gays tried to bully their way into the Boy Scouts of America, an organization with a primary oath that includes being morally straight. The oath of the BSA is no secret. Everyone who joins the BSA necessarily takes that oath. I guess the gay lobby doesn’t mind ignoring that part.

Here we are in 2012 and gays are still trying their best to infiltrate through “test case law” and sabotage one of the last organizations in the world to stand its ground against homosexuality in its ranks.

As I have said repeatedly, and will continue to assert in light of the Supreme Court ruling upholding the right of the people to assemble freely and privately, it is well within the rights of gay agitators to start their own organization to cater to their every whim and lust. If they want to start a Gay Boy Scouts of America or Rainbow Scouts of America, they are perfectly within their right to do so. I will say not one word against them so long as they don’t try to pass it off as the same organization as or on par with or sanctioned by the Boy Scouts of America.

However, it looks as if they aren’t really all that interested in a scouting organization per se. No, this is all about payback and infiltration and cultural imperialism. This time around, they’re no longer shy about their motives and way of operating from within to destroy an organization’s founding principles.

The announcement suggests that hurdles may be high for a couple of members of the national executive board — Ernst & Young CEO James Turley andAT&T CEO Randall Stephenson — who have recently indicated they would try to work from within to change the policy. Both of their companies have been commended by gay-rights groups for gay-friendly employment policies.

Stephenson is on track to become president of the Scouts’ national board in 2014, and will likely face [ED: and give in to] continued pressure from gay-rights groups to try to end the exclusion policy. Asked for comment on Tuesday about the Scouts’ decision to keep the policy, AT&T did not refer to Stephenson’s situation specifically: “We don’t agree with every policy of every organization we support, nor would we expect them to agree with us on everything,” the company said. “Our belief is that change at any organization must come from within to be successful and sustainable.”

There you have it, from the mouth of a plant from the gay “rights” lobby. If we can’t destroy from the outside, we’ll destroy from the inside.

I hereby call on the BSA to remove Turley and Stephenson from the national executive board. Stephenson, especially, is a Trojan Horse.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Boy Scouts Reaffirm Right to Assemble Upheld by Supreme Court

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