What the heck is the #GSA anyway?

General Services Administration Building (UBC)
General Services Administration Building (UBC) (Photo credit: Arbron)

I consider myself to be a pretty politically savvy guy. What sports is to most men, politics is to me. That’s why I was a bit flummoxed when this whole GSA scandal hit. What is this agency, and why have I not heard about it until now?

I seriously had to hit up Wikipedia for a primer. I still don’t know what this agency does.

So, in essence, it’s just this massive federal agency responsible for pretty much everything in the statist junk drawer. A pile of bureaucratic nonsense taking no definite shape or substance…unless you define “amorphous blob about to gobble up our country” as a shape.

Judging by what we know so far of the GSA scandal(s?), I think I can sum up my evaluation of this agency: the black hole that sucks your wallet dry every April 15th.


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