War of words: How the left propagates tyranny by redefining common vocabulary #tlot #tcot

Mediagopoly: The Megacorps that Control Mainst...Two articles caught my attention this morning as I was browsing the “news”, as it is still called today.

Why don’t Americans walk more? The crisis of pedestrianism. – Slate Magazine


The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers are the Most Misinformed

These are only two of many articles spewing from the sewage tubes of modern leftist media that I can point to that illustrate a disturbing trend in the force. No, not that Force (though its Dark Side is hauntingly similar). The kind of intellectual force that compels everyone to eventually think only one way, or risk political and social exile. By not emptying your brain and filling it with leftist “thinking”, you risk being alienated, or at least feeling generally awkward among one’s office-mates who list to port.

So pedestrians are no longer “pedestrian”. Drivers of vehicles are the new pedestrians (see definition #1, adjective). Now it’s totally hip to use the Number 11 Bus over those gauche, four wheeled monstrosities called the American Automobile. After all, only rednecks and WASPs drive cars these days (unless, of course, you’re a cultured, presumably Democrat-voting urbanite guy in a luxury car commercial). The rest of us, who ostensibly all live in great big urban centers with abundant and “free” public transportation, have evolved to a higher level of existence.

In truth, a lot of us in the ‘burbs and out here in flyover country would like to be able to walk more. But, because the statist central planners of yore patronized, subsidized and centralized employment in major urban centers rather than allowing small towns to thrive on free market principles without governmental interference, we are now subjected to a labyrinth of transportation issues. All of those issues come down to one focus…the distance the urbanites purposely put between themselves and the suburbanites. (Note that even the word “sub”urban reeks of the same condescension that is the hallmark of the Slate article linked above.)

Turning attention now to the “science” of the misinformation of Fox News audiences: I am not a Fox News acolyte. While I’m under no illusions whatsoever that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is “fair and balanced” in comparison to the left-leaning media institutions, I am grateful that Fox News exists, if only to provide an alternative viewpoint that would otherwise not exist at all.

Having said that, I can definitely stomach Fox News much better than the other alphabet networks, just in the same way that devoted followers of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, and the like can stomach their fare better than Fox News. To each his own.

Well, that is, except when it comes to facts.  Having compared what I see on the alphas with what I’ve observed on Fox, and recognizing that Fox is far from perfect, it is true that Fox is much more careful about crossing its “t”s and dotting its “i”s. They simply have to because of the level of scrutiny given to their programming by the marxists running the other networks, ready to pounce on every mispronounced word.

But all of that is beside the greater point I want to make.

Leftists want total control over you. They want to control how you get to work in the morning (by banning automobiles, except, of course, for the overpolluting Prius beloved by conspicuously conserving (and self-serving) knitting hipsters). They want to control what you eat (banning transfats and salt). They want to control how you spend your money on health care. They want to control what women feel is fulfilling to them individually so that all women will conform to the statist desire for them to hand over their children to federally licensed day care centers. They want to control your religious beliefs and who teaches them to you, especially about the true nature of marriage and where you’re allowed to express your beliefs. They even want to control what you hear on the news and what you think about it.

The sinister subtext of these two articles, and the many other like them, is that the governing philosophy hearkens back to the days when those who don’t toe the party line are punished, ostracized, and even institutionalized for being “imbecils” and “enemies of the state”.


2 thoughts on “War of words: How the left propagates tyranny by redefining common vocabulary #tlot #tcot

  1. I find it interesting how, in the article about “misinformed” Fox viewers, the author cites “facts” with which Fox viewers tend – more than viewers of other “news” sources – to disagree, but those “facts” are simply strong beliefs of the Left. Uh-huh. In other words, “misinformed” is a new definition of “not in agreement with me.”

    • That’s always the way it is with the Left. I suppose one could say that about certain types on the right as well, but the critical difference is that on the right you don’t see millions of people slaughtered in broad daylight for disagreeing.

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