The Susan G. Komen debacle: Hypocrisy on cancer screenings, abortion…well, pretty much everything.

The other day I had an exchange on Facebook that highlighted some pretty tired re-tread arguments. I thought I’d share with you my responses in hopes that someone–anyone–with an axe to grind about pro-lifers will at least consider some simple truths around this critical issue of our times.

Planned Parenthood is Pro Life

Planned Parenthood is Pro Life (Photo credit: WeNews)

Political pressure vs. political expediency

First, the hypocrisy aspect. As my friend, who started the thread, noted, there is a stark hipocrisy on the part of pro-abortionists (and Komen) in saying that it caved to political pressure from the pro-lifers, but that switching back to the side of pro-abortionists was not due to political pressure.


It was political pressure. How could it not have been. Komen risked its reputation and PR backlash and made a huge leap one way, then risked (and got) even more major PR backlash for reversing its decision. To do that, to risk a major organization’s reputation, without some kind of significant pressure from the pro-infanticide crowd would have been foolish.

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the f...

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the fight for health insurance reform ($$$) to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. (Image via Wikipedia)

Mammograms? I don’t think so.

One participant in the Facebook discussion stated, “[T]hey caved to political pressure when they chose to de-fund PP. Reversing that decision was not caving to *political* pressure. They wisely responded to the hundreds of thousands of outraged citizens who were appalled at the disregard for women’s health. And how can you applaud anyone who diverts funds from an organization that provides women access to healthcare?!! Pap smears, cervical cancer screenings, breast cancer screenings, contraception — you can’t tell me that you are against these things, can you? You do know that only 3% of PP’s activities are abortion and that abortion services are paid for with private donations, not public funds.”

Except, Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually perform any of those tests. They merely make referrals and pay the costs. Just like many other organizations do (but which don’t also provide abortions). Planned Parenthood is in the business of abortions. End of story.

The New York Times cover page from January 23,...

Image via Wikipedia

Roe v. Wade was a show trial resulting in fiat law

Then, this person, who by definition was born, said, “‎Before we move on to other topics, it’s worth noting a few things. Abortion is legal. It is a safe medical procedure. And it is rare. That’s exactly how it should be. Government has no business violating women’s privacy rights and making decisions about their reproductive rights. It is the worst kind of ‘big government’ imaginable. LEGAL. A PRIVATE MEDICAL DECISION.”

*POOF* In an instant, decisions about killing an unborn child become a matter of privacy. And, all of the true stories about women who were most definitely physically and psychologically harmed by abortion disappears in a whiff of rhetorical and emotional smoke. Ironically, included in this waving of the hands is Norma McCorvey herself, a.k.a. Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade fame. She never even had an abortion, and had been duped by unscrupulous attorneys, at least one of which was likely filled with self-loathing and self-justification for her own decision to abort her unborn child, to become the nation’s first test case in an attempt to overthrow the basic right to life, upon which is predicated the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

English: Graph showing public support for Roe ...

Image via Wikipedia

Propaganda: The tool of tyrants

Planned Parenthood’s new propaganda campaign is in full swing and attracting new and naive followers. They’ve convinced every media outlet on earth to only report their spin on their own numbers which are freely available online and tell a whole different story than the left is portraying.

As of March 2011, PPA murdered, by dismemberment, over 350,000 boys and girls within their mother’s protective wombs. Since 1973, over 55 million children have suffered the same fate at the hands of this awful organization. No child dismembered in its mother’s womb has a choice in any of that. It’s just plantation bigotry being transferred from the cotton fields to a woman’s body. The big, powerful person gets to decide whether the weak and vulnerable person gets to live or die.

Our society disgusts me with as much genocide (blacks are by FAR the majority recipients of these pruported “health services” from PPA), eugenics (Down Syndrome) and infanticide as we cavalierly allow.

For our hubris in allowing these atrocities, which are expressly forbidden in scripture, we deserve every bit of what’s about to come to us in the form of punishment from Heaven.

I mean, for crying out loud, even ABC News, known more for its liberal bias than its comprehensive and balanced news reporting, had the good sense not to censor a piece entitled “Down Syndrome Births are Down in U.S.“. The numbers don’t lie. There’s just no denying that instead of an expected 49% increase in Down Syndrome births due to later child-bearing of career-minded couples, there was instead a 15% drop. That was because 92% of women who were pre-screened and whose infant-in-utero was found to have Down Syndrome, aborted their child. The article goes on to describe that this irreversible decision to abort was driven largely by pure myth about the condition.

Intended Consequences, a film by Jonathan Torgovnik

Intended Consequences, a film by Jonathan Torgovnik

“Except in cases of incest or rape…”

But what about women who are raped and are impregnated as a result? Automatic abortion cards are handed out en masse in these types of situations. But is abortion in all cases of rape (or even incest) the best thing?

Cast your minds back to the horrible atrocities of Rwanda in the 1990s. The women who weren’t killed were brutally raped, some left to die, and many giving birth to children as a result of those crimes. By today’s standards, the U.N., because it chose to do nothing about the genocide, ought to at least have offered free abortions to all women affected thus by rape. But if they had, would we have these incredible stories to learn forgiveness and mercy from? Not all of the women who gave birth to a total of 20,000 children as a result of rape have rainbows and butterflies to report, yet there are enough (even one should be enough) who saw the beauty that God was restoring in their lives by sending them innocent children to remind them that He is still in charge, will give them hope, and will make all things new. More importantly, sending 20,000 more Tutsi children to their deaths would have accomplished exactly…what?

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 22:  A pro-life supporter...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Don’t have a uterus? SHUT UP! She explained.

The conversation predictably turned to the old pablum of how teens and sex are like salt in ocean water. “[E]ven if you support social conservatism, it’s important to acknowledge reality. in liberal California, the average age at which girls lose their virginity is 17. in family-values Mississippi, it’s… 16. that’s the *average*. the reality, in every culture, is that teenagers have sex. it’s better for children (and for society) if children are born by choice, rather than by mistake.”

Yes, I responded, let’s acknowledge reality. I’ve made the mistake of using too many words. Let’s simplify things: true or false – it is wrong to murder a baby.

Show proof that exactly zero (0) dollars of money raised by/for the Komen foundation go to abortion funding.

No proof. Just more spin.

Abortion Memorial“[A] fetus is not a baby. I know you will likely disagree with me on this so I’ll put it another way. Do you have a vagina? A uterus? Will you EVER in your life, be faced with a unintended, unwanted pregnancy? No. NO, you won’t. If you oppose abortion, don’t have one. That’s pretty simple.”

At this point, another individual chimed in with this one, which we’ve never heard before on the pro-life end of things. Nope, not ever.

“Perhaps if we spent as much time worrying about the born as much as we worry about the unborn there wouldn’t be a need to debate the ethics of abortion. When we can take care of each other (which we’ve proven we can’t) we can start criticizing other’s choices. But until then, I have no room to judge. It’s not a male/female thing–if we truly cared no one would perceive a need. Until that happens, I won’t inflict my morals or values on anyone else, because in the end we’re all actually part of the problem…”

Writer Lesley Lathrop (left), an adoptee, at r...

Image via Wikipedia

The Adoption Option

Yet in all of this pro-abortion posturing, not even one mention of adoption. That’s where I’d finally had enough and said:

[N]ot even one mention of adoption as an alternative to killing a child? Yes, I stick by the truthful phrase “killing a child” in direct replacement of the Newspeak phrase “terminating an unintended pregnancy” that is meant to replace it. A “fetus” is still a living human being with its own brainwaves, neuronal firing, and heartbeat. When do we stop calling it a baby and start calling it a fetus? When a woman walks into a PPA “clinic”. Even OB/GYNs have enough sense and courtesy to refer to the child as a baby when speaking with the mother.

Let me make it very clear to you and every pro-abortioner. There is no such thing as an unwanted child. It is estimated that over 18 million women have considered adoption. What if we poured funding into education about adoption and removing cultural, bureaucratic, political, and financial roadblocks to doing so? As a volunteer Spanish/English translator for a pregnancy crisis group, I know there are so many women who WANT to keep their child or find a loving home for him/her. Planned parenthood offers nothing but death and more suffering to desperate, uninformed, frightened women. Their “counselors” are not even allowed to help women make adoption plans, or even refer them to a pregnancy crisis center who will help them make a plan!

Interracial adoption

Interracial adoption

Today we brought home the newest member of our family. His birth mother was just barely pregnant when his birth father was killed in a car accident. Abortion was available for free, of course, but she, not knowing beforehand what she would do, mercifully chose to keep him despite her abject poverty. She was overjoyed to hear from his foster dad that he would come to our family and we are forever grateful to her.

The uterus and “don’t have one” arguments are just tired as they are disingenuous. No, I do not have a uterus. Yes, I do have a heart for the most vulnerable among us. Jesus said “Suffer the little children to come unto me” but he certainly didn’t mean “return to Sender”. As soon as Planned Parenthood drops abortion altogether, I’ll be glad to donate to their cancer screening budget, directly, through taxes, or via associated charities like Komen. Jesus said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Given the honor that it was to be a parent of many children in Israel in His time, and how abortion was viewed with abhorrence in His place and time in history and culture, that obviously meant infants IN utero as well as out.

He also said, “And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.”

So, how about it? Will you put your money where your mouths are and use your arguing power, tax dollars, and would-be PPA donations to turn away from destruction of life and instead make it easier for everyone to adopt? How about adopting a child yourselves?

Folks, seriously. How about it? Whether you are pro-choice or pro-abortion, what will you do to ensure that every allegedly “unwanted” child is given a chance a life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What will you do to spare another woman the psychological and physical agony of allegedly “safe” abortion practices?

After almost 40 years of murdering hope, don’t we at least owe it to ourselves to try something different…for a change?


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