South Carolina Republicans have lost their minds and are losing their souls

Newt Gingrich winning South Carolina is a sad commentary on South Carolinian “conservatism”. I sincerely hope it’s only a one-state aberration, non-representative of the American conservative voters. But…

They were given three candidates (I’m not counting the Republi-tarian here). Two of those candidates have clean records when it comes to basic ethics and morality (don’t steal–and no, venture capitalism is NOT stealing–don’t commit adultery). One of them did not.

So, to avoid the horrors of voting for a candidate whose religion had a brief practice of Biblically-based plural marriage 117 years ago, and inexplicably rejecting the one remaining candidate who really is the ideal evangelical/protestant Christian by just about every measure, the record now irrevocably shows that South Carolina EVANGELICAL Republicans chose the adulterous, ethics-violating candidate as “their guy”.

From now on, I don’t want to hear one word from evangelicals about erstwhile Mormon polygamy being a reason Mitt Romney can’t ever win a national election. Not one blasted word.

What a sad waste of political capital in a moment where Republicans, who’ve been struggling to get back to their core purposes (protecting freedom and family), could have instead been seen as standing steadfast in the traditional values that have proven to make good men and women greater.

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There isn’t much else to say about that because it stands on its own. But by way of further illustration, very “coincidentally” published an article entitled “Our successful open marriage” as if fertilizing the field (with the usual moral relativism B.S.) for sowing the seeds of “moral compromise”. The end result will be that we’ll get a candidate who is no more ethically above the fray than was Clinton (and who was especially hypocritical during the Lewinsky affair) Pelosi and Reid. We’ll get a candidate who cheats on his multiple wives and lusts in his heart for many women in an open marriage arrangement while running against a candidate who (that we know of) has never cheated on his one-and-only wife (the only thing I admire about Obama).  Even though Obama is obviously not squeaky clean in his own ethics, all we’ll have to show is a candidate who personifies the greedy, unethical stereotype the left lives to paint for us every waking minute of every day. “Better the devil you know” and “I take heart that someone older and fatter than me can still have an affair” will become the watchwords of the 2012 election among swing voters and hardcore conservatives, splitting the vote.

Congratulations, South Carolina Republicans. You just made it that much more likely that Obama will be the front-runner, with his terrifically dismal record on just about every measure of American prosperity. You gave us a leading party candidate who, when held up to the scrutiny and mudslinging of the dominant left-wing mouthpiece media, will all but ensure an Obama victory.

I hope you’re happy with yourselves.

8 thoughts on “South Carolina Republicans have lost their minds and are losing their souls

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  2. I completely agree with you that when comparing the moral character of the candidates the winner falls short. And since I try to live MY life according to conservative moral guidelines I would not have voted for the winner IF this were an election for being a good role model. But I do have to grudingly applaud the voters of South Carolina for not making an ad hominem. According to Wikipedia, (have to cite my sources or risk facing censorship from Congress. Also I can spell worth a tinder’s dam.) Ad hominem “is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it. Ad hominem reasoning is normally described as a logical fallacy.” I have no doubt that the other candidates where far better moral examples but did they REALLY have better arguments? If it was not up to me to decide and I had the vote I would probably have committed an ad hominem. 🙂

  3. I’m personally very grateful the SC pubs voted for Newt. It revealed a general truth about what people really believe and why they are associated with their party. Maybe seing how ridiculous it was to vote Newt over Romney will influence all people to stop voting out of hate, wake up, read, learn, and start voting for the best man for the job. Certainly we’ve learned from this that being adulterous isn’t the issue…yet it was used to hide behind when “the other” party was guilty of it.

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