Police still “stumped” by obvious Government Goon hit job on John P. Wheeler

Who is even mildly surprised that police still don’t have a clue as to who killed John P. Wheeler? They should either look harder and gear up to play in the big leagues of government-ordered assassination, or go home. Anyone persisting in the delusion that this was a random act of crime should disabuse themselves of the notion entirely.

Regardless of motive, opportunity, and method, the main thing every citizen should take from this, as well as anyone who works at the level of government in which Wheeler was involved, is to keep your head on a swivel.

But don’t think hiding your identity or working and speaking out in the shadows is going to be to your advantage. No. make yourself as public and, therefore, untouchable as possible. Make any sudden disappearance on your part an opportunity to erect an unmistakable signpost that your vanishing wasn’t coincidental, self-inflicted, or caused by a random act of violence. Set a deadman’s trigger that irrevocably and undeniably signals your government’s nefarious deeds to the world.

Prayers for Wheeler’s family as they wait for the cowards, who murdered one of our military’s own in cold blood, to confess their dirty deeds.


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