#OccupyWallStreet Loons Shut Down “Transparent” Document

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 3:  Wall Street protest...

Communal kitchens...a new American Tradition! Get down with the People's Party!

UPDATE: As I was recently taken to task by a respected friend and OWS supporter over this post, I will admit that my dig below was below the belt and not helpful towards establishing a more United States of America. Apparently, Van Jones, former Green Czar and agitator for change, agrees. It is uncharacteristic of the Tea Party to be mean or unkind.

“If we can just be as warm and sharing and kind as the Tea Party, which one might suspect is a relatively low bar, we might be able to do something for our country,” Jones said Monday.

Can I get that on a t-shirt and a bumper sticker?

Further, he seems to have criticized the OWS movement:

“We went from hopey to mopey and forgot to build a movement in the middle,” Jones said.

He credited the Tea Party with building a “network” that operates without any individual leader. “There is no Tea Party. You can’t land at the airport here in D.C., and get in the cab and say ‘take me to Tea Party headquarters’,” he said.

Jones described the movement as an “upgrade” over what progressives had done.

“They use their charismatic leaders to build something bigger than any leader,” he said. “They talk rugged individualism, but they act collectively.”

By contrast, he said, “we talk collectively … but we have enacted the most individualistic strategy in the republic.”

Comedy gold like this doesn’t come along very often, so I am compelled to distribute it far and wide. The Occupy Wall Street nutters are pulling out all the stops. They are unmasking themselves for the naked Communists they are, taking off the gloves, pulling no punches, [insert your own idiom here]…

This time, they mean it. They’re going to have their collective cake and eat it, too. And there will always be more cake…coming from…somewhere…we think…

Behold, transparent Communism at work with this Google Doc (note the text in bold red at the top presently in conflict with Rule #4) that the Occupiers set forth as their founding document…a replacement for our Constitution, as it were. Thomas Jefferson had nothing on these geniuses.

Some examples of Things We Know Can’t Possibly Fail:

Have anti-discrimination laws (already in place). Get media to scrutinize companies that discriminate (many large firms actually tout their diversity and GLBT acceptance). Simplicity.  This, of course, implies that the government would be in charge of all media, which should help with distributing such propaganda.

Disallow names on job applications ( http://www.workers.org/2005/us/racist-hiring-0630/ ).

Socialize undergraduate level college.  Make failing impossible to assure that everyone has the same chance in the work place post-college.

Teach character building classes from grade one, measure success based on drive/cooperation/interactions with others, not only final outcome.  Impose universal morality for parents who do not participate in raising their children. Remove children from households with parents who refuse to educate them properly. Provide for re-education of parents in how to properly raise their children for the happiness of the Party.

Impose import taxes and tariffs to reflect the externalized costs of cheap foreign labor. Smoot-Hawley then, Smoot-Hawley now, Smoot-Hawley forever.

Increase taxes on corporations that outsource American jobs.

“Public good” shall be defined by the current administration.

and on and on.

I admit, there are actually some things in this document that make sense. I’m very much against GMO-tainted foods because of the shortsightedness of such products and farming practices. Nature has a way of backhanding those who try to mess with food supply too much (famine, anyone?).

I agree, to a certain extent, with massive reform being needed in our public school system–making it work more like a free market than like a government monopoly, and turning the power of educating children back over to whom it belongs: the parents.

Also, it’s hard to tell which parts of the document are authentically “OWS” and which parts are sabotage, but having known several of the OWS types throughout my life, I’m erring on the side of truth being stranger than fiction.


3 thoughts on “#OccupyWallStreet Loons Shut Down “Transparent” Document

  1. My first reaction is to laugh at some of the outlandish ideas included, and of course at the irony that the “people’s document” which can be edited by “anyone” no longer can be. 🙂 Having been there once (in sympathy, if not in body) with 20-something protesters, I am fairly confident that little will come of this. LIttle came of our demonstrations too, back when. (Though 18-year-olds did gain the right to vote, in part as a result of points raised during the youth uprising.) I then found it interesting how Left and Right ideas are juxtaposed in the document. Gives me, actually, a little bit of hope.

  2. Thank you for the mention! Occupy Wall Street is a very interesting revolution that’s occurring right now, it’ll be interesting to see the outcome!

  3. So do you really think OWS is communist? I support OWS to the point of breaking the strangle hold on society that the love affair between Wallstreet-Federal Reserve-Government has right now. As far as OWS being said to be left/democratic. View it as you like , yet there are many like myself. I’m not left/right, repulican/Democrate….Im human first and formost , American secondly because this is where I live. Anything else is to limit yourself socially ans intellectually. It seems society thinks you MUST be one side or another….’Join this group,join that group’ mentality. How bout joining the human race? Ubtil then…not much will change .

    Just thought I’d drop you a different POV…..Im one American in the human race…and thats my view.

    By the way, if its ever proven that there is other life in the universe. Our POV of being human will also have to change.

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