Conservative Link Soup: Democrat Reality Check Bounces

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A more stinging indictment is hard to find of the failure of the Democrats to produce meaningful and positive change in anything since they began to take power in 2007. The numbers tell the sad, sad tale of their good intentions gone awry.

Democrats vs. Reality: ObamaCare numbers are difficult for Democrats to distort

ObamaCare by the Numbers:

Jobs & Economy:
67,600: The number of private-sector jobs created each month before ObamaCare became law. Compare that to 6,500: the number of private-sector jobs created each month since ObamaCare became law. Astoundingly, private-sector job creation today is only 10% of what it was before the law went into effect.

800,000: The number of jobs that Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former Director of CBO, predicts will be lost due to ObamaCare. Yes, the Democrats’ “job-creating” health care initiative will actually lead to a deficit of 800,000 jobs.

$52 Billion: The new taxes that will be levied against small-business owners (job-creators) due to ObamaCare.

$500 Billion: The increase in the deficit due to ObamaCare.

1,400: The number of U.S. jobs that Boston Scientific will cut due to ObamaCare.

Medicaid Expansion:
80 Million: The total number of people who will be enrolled in Medicaid by the end of 2019.

Losing Health Insurance:
1,372: The number of “ObamaCare waivers” that the Health and Human Services department has issued in an attempt to mask the fact that ObamaCare would have led to hundreds of thousands of low-wage employees losing their health insurance.

22,000: The number of seniors in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire who have already lost their Medicare Advantage plans because of ObamaCare.

34: The number of states where it is now impossible to purchase a child-only health insurance policies due to ObamaCare’s new rules.

57%: The percentage of employers who, according to a recent study, are considering severely reducing health insurance plans for lower-wage workers.

Meanwhile, Hallmark has released a whole new line of greeting cards for the unemployed.

The requests for the new cards came due to the clear need of consumers.

‘They sent us letters. They phoned it in. They asked their retailers, you know, in their neighbourhood, ‘where do I find a card that said this?’ Mr McCracken said.

When there’s a market for making money off a dismal employment rate by selling sympathy cards, we’ve reached a whole new level of absurdity.

All of this calls for a moment of clarity that will hopefully help our next generation. For my part, I’m doing my best to raise my kids as critical thinkers, independent learners, statesmen, and entrepreneurs.

Clearly it is time to hold Obama’s party accountable.

Grassroots patriots also need to take the battle to the enablers. Publicly challenge and hold accountable the Obama corporate cronies funding the Obama campaign in return for taxpayer funded payoffs. Locally challenge and hold accountable the brain dead Obamanista supporters who so fundamentally misunderstand the roots of American prosperity that they would vote for a Marxist takeover that would mean the decline and fall of America.

Most fundamentally, blame the entire Democrat party for Obama and what he is doing to America. Don’t let your friends, neighbors and relatives fall for shysters claiming that they are different from Obama and the other Democrats. If they are different, let them run as independents or Republicans, and be part of the solution rather than part of the gravely threatening problem.


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