New Info on the Murder of John P. Wheeler: Katherine Klyce Interviewed

Delaware crime: The death of John P. Wheeler: Random killing or assassination? | Courier-Post |

Finally, someone in the media, namely Cris Barrish of The News Journal, has the guts to start digging into the mystery of the death of John P. Wheeler III.  Everything about what Katherine Klyce says has an angle of plausibility that this was a carefully planned hit, and not a tragic death of a crazy man.  The fact that he had bipolar disorder with symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome is something that the murderers likely used to their advantage in covering up their crime.

If I had more time at the moment, I would detail all the new things that have come to light as a result of this excellent article, but I’ll leave that to you. Forward this on and reblog it as much as possible. The truth needs to be made known.


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