Republicans eye healthcare to cut deficit

Finally, we’re talking in the trillions, not just the billions. Someone on the GOP side is listening to the Tea Party again. However…

Democrats were already on the attack in advance of the release of the Republican plan, suggesting compromise on that plan may be difficult.

“They are going to provide tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and keep in place big subsidies for the oil industry while they are cutting education and health security for [elderly people]. That seems to be pretty clear,” Chris Van Hollen, top Democrat on the House budget committee, told the Financial Times.

You know what, Democrats? Good on ’em. Obviously your plan for the poor to create jobs and for dependence on foreign oil to be reduced through “green” transportation and energy to decrease has been a disaster. Let’s try, again, what has worked every single time. Let people keep their own money and let’s expand the oil supply so the poor can actually afford to get to the jobs that will be created.

In other words, let’s get back to capitalism.

via / US / Politics & Foreign policy – Republicans eye healthcare to cut deficit.


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