Chinese backlash changes ‘Red Dawn’ Remake villain to North Korea. Oh, and China buys Hollywood.

Red Dawn. Every 1984 macho man Patriot’s favorite movie. Its primary villain then: Cuba. Today, China…no wait…North Korea.

Same diff.

Even if it currently allows only a trickle of foreign movies into the country – about 20 each year – China is contributing large chunks of Hollywood’s revenue. In 2010, the Los Angeles Times reports, the box office grossed $1.5 billion, the fifth largest foreign market.

Coincidentally (or not?), a mid-sized Chinese airline recently expressed an interest in purchasing a stake in MGM, to finally relieve it from its financial troubles. Hainan Airlines, in which George Soros has a 15% stake, [let me repeat thatin which George Soros has a 15% stake] would seek a deal through a partner, since it has no experience in the entertainment industry. MGM however just refinanced its treasure-chest with a $500 million investment. No matter the real motivation, MGM decided to switch the Chinese bad guys to North Korean ones.

via ‘Red Dawn’ Remake: MGM Swaps Bad Guys from Chinese to North Korean Troops – TIME NewsFeed.


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