Planned Prostitution: When will enough finally be enough?

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Planned Parenthood is finally being shown, and showing itself, as the vile, lecherous, and exploitative organization it is. It is a cancer that has, for too long, been allowed to grow and fester and NOW is the time to cut off its public funding and make its operations fully illegal.

From the Family Policy Network article

  • Just before the first shocking video was released on the Web, Planned Parenthood realized they had been stung by the undercover pro-lifers. On January 18th, several days after the stings, they made an effort to stem the coming criticism by sending a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder acting as if they had uncovered a “potential” sex trafficking ring, even though they knew no such thing actually existed. Pro-abortion advocates have been pointing to the letter as proof that Planned Parenthood acted rightly in the wake of the undercover visits, which occurred in the beginning of January. But why did they wait so long to act on behalf of exploited children unless their real motive was to cast off any blame by belatedly acting as heroes?
  • On February 1st, the New Jersey clinic video was released, showing a foul-mouthed clinic manager cheerily advising the child abusing and sex trafficking pimp she thought was in her office. After explaining to the pimp how he can obtain birth control and abortions for his underage sex slaves, she proceeds to suggest sexual acts they can perform after abortions in order to still make money for him. At one point, she even hints that she would accept a bribe to expedite the abortions. Planned Parenthood and their advocates frantically decried the eleven minute video as a hoax. “It was edited!” they cried. Those claims were easily debunked when Live Action released the unedited twenty-two minute video on their website, which proved to be even more damaging than the highlight reel. But abortion advocates persisted, claiming that Amy Woodruff, the clinic manager in the video, was only playing along with the pimp in order to gather information for law enforcement. The explanation seemed flimsy. As Live Action’s President Lila Rosestated, “the undercover footage tells quite a different story. No shock, no outrage, no report, only a clinic manager working with the pimp and prostitute to enable their prostitution ring of underage girls.”
  • On February 2nd, less than a day after the original video was released, Planned Parenthood fired Woodruff. If it was a hoax, as Planned Parenthood originally claimed, why fire Woodruff? And if Woodruff was only playing along in order to gather more information for law enforcement, why fire her? Woodruff’s firing only proved that Planned Parenthood knew the video wasn’t a hoax, much less that it depicted a clinic manager cleverly playing along in order to help the underage sex slaves.
  • On February 3rd, Live Action released the second video showing the Virginia clinic worker’s advice to the self-described sex workers in her office. Just like the New Jersey sting, the “pimp” informed her of 14 and 15 year old girls he was prostituting. And just like the New Jersey clinic manager, she gave advice as to how to obtain abortions for these exploited children, insisting all along there was “no judgment” of the depraved pimp from Planned Parenthood. At the end of their appointment, she even joked about his need to “get back to work.”
  • On February 4th, Live Action released three more videos recorded at Planned Parenthood clinics in the Virginia cities of Roanoke (video here), Falls Church (video here), and Charlottesville (video here). Just like the others, the new videos depict Planned Parenthood clinic workers advising a self-professed pimp and sex trafficker on how to obtain birth control and abortions for his underage sex slaves.
What more do we need, as a nation of concerned Christians, than this? If our elected leaders do not act with haste to shut down Planned Parenthood, what will that say about where their true convictions lie…or who their true master is?

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