And now, a word from a REAL Constitutional scholar

The Constitutional Moment: Judge Vinson introduces ObamaCare to Madison and Marshall

Unlike Judge Henry Hudson in Virginia, who also found ObamaCare to be unconstitutional, Judge Vinson addresses the Administration’s fallback argument that the Constitution’s Necessary and Proper Clause justifies the law even if the Commerce Clause doesn’t. He writes that this clause “is not an independent source of federal power” and “would vitiate the enumerated powers principle.” In other words, the clause can’t justify inherently unconstitutional actions.

I’m thinkin’,


Did it really take all this hassle and division and power-grabbing to come around to a ruling that amounts to a 7th grade civics lesson? And the ruling, in favor of 26 states, was only 78 pages long, not 2,300!

Apparently for the Constitutional-Scholar-In-Chief, it’s time for some “judicial review” of the basic principles of the Constitution. And brevity.


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