Mystery Missile and John P. Wheeler’s Murder Have Something in Common

The Mystery Missile of three months ago and the murder of John P. Wheeler both have something in common.

The media refuses to cover either one.

For three months now, nobody has asked anything further about why an apparent missile launch occurred off the coast of California on November 8th, 2010. Further, no news outlet has investigated a possible connection between that launch and a total engine and electrical systems failure of a Carnival Cruise Lines ship in the same region on the same day and hour as a reported EMP burst.

And for nearly a month now, the media has inexplicably dropped all mention of the investigation behind the discovery of John Wheeler’s body in a New Jersey landfill, complete with his secretive work for the Pentagon and the truly spy thriller-worthy, spooky circumstances around his death.  Oh, but Newsweek did find room for this posthumous smear piece against Wheeler.

Here’s something I think is worthy of pursuit.

The American public should contact the news outlets that were closest to these two stories and demand that they provide an update soon. A meaningful update. Even if it’s to say “We looked into the investigation further, but officials are refusing to reveal anything.” Or, even better, grow a spine and say “Our editors were contacted by government goons and told to drop the story…or else.”  If threats were indeed made, what better way to counteract those threats than to put them on the front page or on the 5 o’clock news?!

If this doesn’t happen, the fix is in. It’s all the proof we’ll need to conclude that the fourth estate has merged its interests fully with the fifth column.

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