Weapons of Mass Distraction: Vigilance is the watchword for landfill checkers? REALLY?

The media is in full tilt with their obfuscation and distraction campaign. Today’s story from the Philadelphia Inquirer talks about, of all things, the working lives of landfill checkers.

Um. Didn’t someone just get murdered, possibly because he knew too much about government biological and chemical warfare and was about to blow the whistle on something important?

Yeah, they talk about finding John P. Wheeler III’s body being recovered and a few other crimes being solved. But the rest of this “news” story is just like the fluff you might find in the USA Today weekender Parade.

I don’t know whether to attribute this phenomenon to incompetence or state-run media complicity with government handlers. But I DO  know it’s NOT journalism.

Listen up, Jeremy Roebuck, Inquirer Staff Writer…grow a spine and report the real story. This homicide stinks much more than any “faint swampy smell” you’ll experience at a landfill.

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