Media Blackout? John P. Wheeler Case Actively Ignored

Last week I signed up for Google Alerts to track developments in the John P. Wheeler case. I’ve received exactly one email on the subject between then and now and it was news I had already processed into one of my many blog posts on the subject. The rest, which have more current stories, are blogs like mine, each far removed from being able to report first-hand information and only offering speculations as to motives, circumstances, and cause of death.

Newsweek, predictably, issued a speculative smear article and character assassination against Wheeler which didn’t have enough keywords about the actual homicide to even register a hit with Google Alerts.

Curious this morning as to why that might be, I did a manual search against all news about John P. Wheeler in the last month. The latest actual investigative story about the murder that turned up was 6 days ago, and revealed nothing of any real consequence. In fact, it’s as if the case has been solved but someone forgot to report on the whodunit.

What is going on here?

Potentially plenty. Here are a couple more stories that muse on the possible connections and causes of this high-profile, but now ignored murder.

Phosgene, Minot, and the Murder of John P. Wheeler III

Mass Animal Deaths Continue: Hundreds Of Cows, Seals Found Dead

South America Roll underway! South American plate is MOVING, Destroying towns

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4 thoughts on “Media Blackout? John P. Wheeler Case Actively Ignored

  1. another gifted individual, scientist-spy frank olson, was murdered back in the 50s, because he knew too much and generally talked too much…but when he was about to talk about something they really didn’t want him to talk about (maybe the alleged use of biological or chemical weapons during the Korean War or fatal interrogations he witnessed in Europe), they dosed him with LSD at least once without him knowing it (they told him during his distressed “trip”), helping to precipitate abnormal behavior in Frank Olson…

    when it was clear that Olson was not able to keep his mouth shut and could be a potential liability, he supposedly jumped through a closed window, with curtains closed too, to his death, many floors below…later forensic analysis of corpse indicated olson had received blunt force trauma to his head, not consistent with a fall, and ruled the death a homicide (mossad uses the Olson death as an example of a well-executed murder: Bop target on the head and then push/toss him from extreme height).

    the media silence on the Olson case was deafening…pretty much no media coverage at all…FOR DECADES…still pretty much taboo to cover any aspect of Olson’s death…

    the Wheeler homicide is a great example of how most of the media is controlled by a few players, who decide what to cover or “manufacture”…if its potentially too scandalous for the feds, the major msmedia falls right into place and will perpetuate whatever disinformation the feds want spread, like Newsweek’s tabloid-like character assassination of Wheeler.

    this guy knew more secrets than just about anybody in our government, as he was involved in so many top secret organizations and duties for several decades…but dumping him in a dumpster seems too obvious for the feds….if the feds wanted to make him completely disappear, they could’ve done this (unless it was a “rogue” element acting without formal permission and without all the normal resources)….i wonder if wheeler’s death is a general warning to anybody, like Julian Assange, who is considering blowing the whistle on any government corruption.

    And finally, one question, if the mass animal killings were from bio/chem weapons, why are only certain species dying in certain areas? I haven’t followed the mass animal deaths thoroughly, so I’m just wondering what the details are.


    • TMC, you wrote:

      “i wonder if wheeler’s death is a general warning to anybody, like Julian Assange, who is considering blowing the whistle on any government corruption.”

      Assange came to mind the moment I heard of Wheeler’s death. No doubt there is a coverup with the media’s help. In time, hopefully sooner rather than later, the truth will show itself. Wheeler deserves as much and so does the country.

  2. Thanks for your comments, TMC. Very interesting. I’ve tried to listen to the skeptic in my head that says this is all just exactly what Newsweek is saying, but it just doesn’t add up to a bipolar episode. I have been around bipolar people all my life. They don’t act like he did those last couple of days. Especially not when they’ve had a distinguished career. I don’t think the guy was perfect and it may indeed be possible that he said stuff in emails that made them block him. Heck, even I have done that to the point that certain parts of my family don’t care to speak with me via email or Facebook anymore. But not one bit of that adds up to a motive for homicide. And given that he’s successfully managed his bipolar and any possible PTSD for so long, I can’t be convinced that he committed suicide.

    Someone wanted John Wheeler to be silent about something. Or, it could be, like you say, that he was used as an example against whistle-blowers.

    As to certain species dying in certain areas, I haven’t compiled and parsed a list in that manner. If someone were to do that, I’d definitely post the analysis here for mass consumption. All I know is that there have been a lot of animal deaths with an equal amount of ridiculous explanations from law enforcement and government to explain them. I’m halfway expecting someone to blame it on Venus or swamp gas like they do with UFO explanations.

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