Illinois Legislature Brain Surgeons Raise Taxes So They Can Increase State Debt

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Illinois is about to raise state personal income tax by 75% for four years. Why? So they can pay back our creditors with borrowed money.

Folks, the jokes just write themselves in this state.  I am not making this up. Here’s the quote. Read it for yourself.

As a measure of how desperate state government’s finances are, Cullerton said the state would use the income-tax hike to borrow $12.2 billion. Of that, $8.5 billion would pay overdue bills and $3.7 billion would cover a government worker pension payment lawmakers skipped when putting together the current budget, he said.

“I think it’s the right time to do it because we are in desperate need of paying our bills,” Cullerton said. “Just think about how we’re going to be after we pass this. We would have all our bills, all those people that are owed money, $8 billion would go back into the economy. People will be paid on time. Our credit rating will be dramatically improved.”

Pardon my French, but I believe this plan rates a high 11.75 on a scale of 1-10 on the dumb-ass-o-meter.

Instead of paying our bills with the money they’re stealing from tax payers, they’re literally going to use it to fund even MORE debt (that, of course, will have to be paid off in turn).

Businesses, and therefore economic recovery, will suffer greatly in Illinois if this is allowed to pass.

The CPA for a Cook County company with 160 employees told them that they would add $750,000 to their bottom line by moving 35 miles away toValparaiso, IN. No kidding!

Prior to this nonsense, the annual average is 27,000 families moving out of Illinois. The projection for this year is 27-35,000.

Plus, I just received an email from’s Associates program, with which I sponsor their book listings on my small business web site in return for a share of their sales, saying that they will immediately pull their program out of Illinois if this passes.

Is this really what you were thinking about when you voted for Pat Quinn again, Illinois voters?

Any doubts now about the job killing nature of excessive taxation?  No, I didn’t think so.

Governor Quinn, Michael Madigan, and John Cullerton, here’s some free advice…and I’ll even throw in the large, bold and italicized text for free…


Seriously, this pack reminds me of a bunch of chattering New York City socialites who’ve just run up the tab on their husbands’ credit cards so high that no social club will admit them anymore, so they go out and take out a home equity loan to pay off the credit cards so they can get back into the club.

This hubby is about to burn up some phone lines to stop this nonsense in its tracks.

Why don’t you help out as well?

Governor Quinn                   217-782-0244

Call Quinn and tell him to keep his promise to the people of IL. Quinn promised to veto ANY tax increase over the 33% increase he proposed.

Michael Madigan                 217-782-5350

John Cullerton                      217-782-2728

  • Income Tax Rate to 5.25% for 4 years
  • Corporate Tax Rate to 10.9 %….second highest in the United States
  • Cigarette Tax = $1 per pack
  • Then added VAT Tax on 39 services

House to vote today, Friday, January 7th

Senate to vote next week.

Light up Springfield with phone calls!

President John J. Cullerton 217-782-2728
Majority Leader James F. Clayborne, Jr. 217-782-5399
Assistant Majority Leader Rickey R. Hendon 217-782-6252
Assistant Majority Leader Kimberly A. Lightford 217-782-8505
Assistant Majority Leader Antonio Muñoz 217-782-9415
Assistant Majority Leader Don Harmon 217-782-8176
Assistant Majority Leader Jeffrey M. Schoenberg 217-782-2119
Majority Caucus Chair Donne E. Trotter 217-782-3201
Majority Caucus Whip Louis S. Viverito 217-782-0054
Majority Caucus Whip Terry Link 217-782-8181
Majority Caucus Whip Ira I. Silverstein 217-782-5500
Majority Caucus Whip Susan Garrett 217-782-3650
Majority Caucus Whip John M. Sullivan 217-782-2479
Majority Caucus Whip Deanna Demuzio 217-782-8206
Republican Leader Christine Radogno 217-782-9407
Deputy Republican Leader Dale A. Righter 217-782-6674
Assistant Republican Leader J. Bradley Burzynski 217-782-1977
Assistant Republican Leader John O. Jones 217-782-0471
Assistant Republican Leader David Luechtefeld 217-782-8137
Assistant Republican Leader Dan Rutherford 217-782-6597
Republican Caucus Chair Dave Syverson 217-782-5413
Republican Caucus Whip Carole Pankau 217-782-9564

House Republican Minority Leader

Tom Cross                   217-782-1331

To find your Legislator or Senator go to

Click on Members…locate your Legislator/Senator

Or will you be too busy preparing to move out of state?

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