John P. Wheeler: Disoriented or poisoned? What did he know?

Some things about this story about John P. Wheeler aren’t adding up for me. First, some facts about his recent career with the Pentagon.

He served as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, Washington, D.C. from 2005-2008, when he became the Special Assistant to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics and Environment. His mission was to carry out tasks and monitor programs in support of goals as directed, and support the Air Force Secretariat with data gathering, team organization, liaison, analysis and/or options for action. Principal tasks included standing up Cyberspace Forces and placing Precision Strike technology and Real Time Streaming Video targeting links into the hands of groundfighters in combat.

I can’t begin to pretend to be an armchair forensics expert, but here are my questions:

  1. Why didn’t people who encountered him call the police or a doctor?
  2. Who works at the DuPont chemical building where he was last seen? Does anyone there know him or has he been seen meeting with any DuPont employees?
  3. Is anyone doing an autopsy to see what substances might have been in his bloodstream at death?
  4. His biography shows an interesting work history.  For most of his career, he was mainly a soldier, law student, entrepreneur and business turnaround consultant, as well as holding various mid-level, semi-influential posts with Reagan and GHW Bush. Suddenly, in 2005, he began working as a Special Assistant to various Air Force muckety mucks, followed by a stint as a consultant at Mitre Corp.  What did he know? What else did Wheeler do in his job with Mitre Corp. and the Department of Homeland Security besides “providing part-time support to outreach activities aimed at promoting discussions among government, industry and academia on cyber defense topics.”?
  5. When we read, “But police said he was scheduled to take an Amtrak train from Washington to Wilmington on Tuesday, Dec. 28”, who was responsible for that (re)scheduling?
  6. Is there any real connection between his dispute over a neighboring property? What was the deal with the smoke bombing of that property the day before he was found dead? More importantly, does Wheeler, who seems to have been an intelligent fellow familiar with the rule of law in an ordered society, fit the profile of a man who would firebomb a neighbor’s under construction house because it would “block [his] view”? Is it so easy to believe that a property dispute like this would lead to his murder and his body being dumped in Newark?

I smell something more than smoke bombs being thrown at a neighbor’s house. I smell a convenient, highly pre-meditated cover for a murder.

Video examples of some of the results of John Wheeler’s work with the Pentagon since 2005:

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8 thoughts on “John P. Wheeler: Disoriented or poisoned? What did he know?

  1. You are raising the questions the “journalists” should be asking. Why isn’t this being talked about more? Why isn’t the FBI involved? I really believe he knew something and was going to release it and I believe that our government is involved. Thank you for taking an interest in this story and I hope we do find out more!

    • Thanks. That’s what burns my bucket about this. In another time in this country’s history, this would have been front-page news for WEEKS. Now it’s just back to Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, whoever they are.

      This man served his country honorably and then came home and helped out charities and people building their businesses. For him to be killed in this way, and then to have this all get swept under the rug is really a disgrace.

  2. If he worked for the government I’m sure he deserved it… Not a great thing to say but what goes around comes around, and karma is a witch with a capital “B”. It’s easy to see that if you get too “informed” and start to have a different opinion about how things should be done… then it’s time to be snubbed out. This is how our government works as the past history has shown. Money is power. Power is control. The more government officials that are killed off publicly just means that they aren’t in agreement with the shadow agenda. I see this as a good sign because a revolt and exposure will be eminent.

    It’s time they were exposed for who and what they really are. Murders…

    • I disagree with anyone “deserving” to be murdered. John Wheeler served his country, and others, with distinction. Those in government who might have committed this and other atrocities need to be brought to trial and punished, yes possibly even receiving the death penalty, but do you really want to live in a world where one man “gets it” just because of who he happens to work for, regardless of his motives or beliefs in doing so?

      I don’t.

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  5. He was working on Stuxnet, which sabotaged Iran’s nuc plant. Stuxnet also had infected the Japanese reactors some months before the quake. He knew about the phosphene gas scandal, and he’d gone to DC to protest something. It was his briefcase that was stolen of course. He was obviously poisoned by something like LSD, that was a lot more common than people realize, especially by FBI agents, done to many recruits and hapless hitchhikers. Anyway, this is a MUST see video, you must see this now, sorry, two hours, but not wasted.

    • I’m allowing this comment because I want to give you the opportunity to clarify the position and qualify the credentials of Leuren Moret on this issue.

      Particularly disturbing is that she once agreed to be featured in a story by the Tehran Times, effectively acting as a mouthpiece for Ahmadinejad, who currently leads the world in his megalomania and desire for nuclear weaponry.

      Seems contradictory for her to even consider such an interview in light of her Quaker beliefs. Something’s not up to snuff about this woman.

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