Civil Unions vs. $13bn in deficit spending? Priorities, people!

So, Illinois Democrats finally have what they wanted.  Not a solution to Illinois’ current financial crisis. No, what they really wanted and focused on in this lame duck session was “civil unions” legislation to pass so that they could pave the way to redefining the word “marriage” in Illinois.


You’d think that with the bluster with which they spoke during the election cycle (Gov. Quinn, I’m looking at YOU) about improving the working lives of Illinoisans, they would have focused on the bread and water stuff first. Get people working, get us out of debt, and then we can worry about the social issues, right?

Nope.  Not to mention, of course, that the additional BILLIONS in new pensions and other bennies that will come into play now that the word “marriage” is completely irrelevant. Now, even two completely heterosexual, same-sex room mates can decide to form a “civil union” to get free money and other entitlements. This privilege of state-sponsored benefits used to be reserved for people who took upon themselves to establish marriages that could, potentially, lead to the next generation of individuals to help pay for them.

But hey, it’s their life. Their actions are occurring in a complete vacuum and have no impact whatsoever on the rest of society. Who are we to pass value judgments, right?

It truly is getting dark in Illinois.

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