WikiLeaks could be our friend…if it focuses correctly

After reading this article, I’ve got a slightly more sympathetic perspective on Julian Assange of WikiLeaks than before. He’s not just some dope-smoking hacker sitting in his mom’s basement spilling out confidential stuff online. He’s actually a highly educated family man with a plan. Setting aside the idea that it will likely get him and/or his loved ones murdered, there is a point he is trying to make about conspiracy that I can’t say I don’t respect, at least in part, especially now that conspiracy theory, in many cases, has become conspiracy reality to those of us who actually turn on our brains in the morning.

My point is, if Assange would focus his efforts on shining sunlight on the elites on both the right and the left, but leave our armed forces men and women out of the equation as much as possible (I know, there has to be a balance, but still…), then I’d more than likely be cheering him on.

Here’s hoping he starts digging around in the public records of a certain prominent former resident of a U.S. island state.

One thought on “WikiLeaks could be our friend…if it focuses correctly

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