11 Reasons Why The Fed Is Bad

1917 photograph of the board of the Federal Re...
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Are you fed up with the Federal Reserve? Can’t exactly put it into words, even to yourself? Looking for a handy reference as to why the Fed is really bad so you can burn some liberal logic dodger on the train? Tired of me asking so many questions and want me to just get to the point for Pete’s sake?

Here is an excellent, point-by-point explanation of the monster that is the Federal Reserve. I wish it were shorter, but how else can you explain the unexplainable and the inexcusable?


It’s got a few logic holes, but the truth is, I only need a few of these to make my point that the Fed, being completely unaccountable to anyone but itself, is a massive ball and chain on the economic legs of America. We need to either throw open the windows of transparency and let the light inside to kill the infection, or we need to abolish the Fed altogether and go back to common-sense, natural economics. This “artificial sweetener” money policy is really beginning to clog the works.

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