WikiLeaks Woes

Looks like Julian Assange is wearing out his welcome in the world.

Amazon stops hosting WikiLeaks website

WikiLeaks turned to Amazon to keep its site available after hackers tried to flood it and thus prevent users from accessing the classified information posted. WikiLeaks said Wednesday it was now being hosted by servers in Europe.

Staff for Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman had questioned Amazon about its relationship with WikiLeaks Tuesday and called on other companies that provide web-hosting services to boycott WikiLeaks.

“I wish that Amazon had taken this action earlier based on WikiLeaks’ previous publication of classified material,” Lieberman, an independent, said in a statement. “I call on any other company or organization that is hosting WikiLeaks to immediately terminate its relationship with them.”

Mother of WikiLeaks chief fears for his safety – The Times of India

Christine Assange said her “highly intelligent” and curious son had been raised as a strongly ethical “seeker of truth”.

But Assange said her son, now subject to a global Interpol arrest demand over rape charges in Sweden, had become “too smart for himself” and she now feared for his safety.

“He sees what he’s doing as doing a good thing in the world, fighting baddies if you like,” Assange told the Courier Mail, her local newspaper in Queensland.

“I’m concerned it’s gotten too big and the forces that he’s challenging are too big,” she added.

Gee! Ya think?


4 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Woes

  1. Assange put a target on his own head. I do not see this ending well for this man…not that it will stop Wikileaks from doing what it does best.

  2. One wonders, if he was raised as an “ethical seeker of truth,” what her definition of ethics and truth is — after all, she seems most troubled by his “challenging” sources that are “too big,” and not by his putting lives – and world political stability – in danger.

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