Buy a plane fare, give up your rights, get nekkid-scanned or groped. That’s the law, apparently.

Muslim TSA Agent Frisking a Catholic Nun -- Photo by Dean Shaddock

Incredible. Not only did John Tyner get harassed by TSA employees after refusing to have his groin groped in a pat-down after refusing a cancer-causing backscatter scan, he then is told he cannot fly but is free to go the opposite direction–out the front door of the airport. On his way out, he is told by another “security” officer that he will be fined and sued if he leaves.

You just have to read his own account and watch his videos.

For those of us who are more than occasional flyers (we’re usually creating business opportunity to employ people…terrorists that we are assumed to be without a trial…), the backscatter scans are dangerous.  For any individual, male or female, and especially children, who might have been molested at some point in their life, the psychological ramifications are not trivial.

So, folks, you have only one of two choices. Either be seen fully naked by God-knows-who in some back room of an airport while getting a medically unnecessary dose of high-intensity radiation, or get your groin groped by God-knows-who after refusing the first choice.

The TSA was supposed to make us safe, not violate us.


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