The War on Children

There Goes the Neighborhood
Rage against the ‘breeders.’

“graylandgal: I won’t make any apologies: I hate kids, especially babies. If parents can’t afford or locate a sitter, then stay home. I am bloody sick of having my feet and Achilles tendon rammed by knobby-tired strollers the size of Smart Cars; I am bitter about extortion for baby showers, christening gift, etc., for droolers who won’t thank me now any more than they will when graduation extortions start; I am nauseated by the stench of dirty diapers changed in public areas because a lazy-ass parent won’t adjourn to a restroom I am tired of “friends” dragging their hyper-active germ-spreaders to my antiques- and breakable-filled home for events clearly meant for grown-ups because, gee, everybody thinks they’re SO cute; and I weary of replying “hi” 467 times to a toddler who hangs over the back of an adjoining restaurant booth because the parents won’t make it sit down and shut up. Bitter? You bet. .  .  . My parents did not inflict me on society until I developed continence, self-ambulation, and social skills.”

The right to parent is God’s to give and is not dependent on any one person’s or group’s notion of what good parenting is or who is or isn’t qualified. Anyone who espouses the belief that only “good people” or “healthy people” or even “responsible people” should be “allowed” to have kids is on a slippery slope toward eugenics. Such “misfits” (and their children) in Hitler’s day were called “useless eaters” (today’s equivalent is “breeders”) and eventually found their way into sterilization clinics, ovens and gas chambers.

Don’t think that could ever happen again? Who among the populace during and leading up to WWII would ever have thought of it themselves? It was as unthinkable for non-elites then as it is for non-elites today, yet those were the very individuals being incarcerated and sterilized against their will or murdered by eugenicist elites. It should come as no surprise then that this cycle repeats itself today, because if history can teach us anything, it’s that we never seem to learn from it.

I say this as the son of an intelligent and wonderful woman who happened to be born in the early 1940s with cerebral palsy, yet married for love, had a child and a successful career, and now has four golden, though sometimes misbehaving grandchildren to show for it. If some of the elites of yesteryear and, seemingly, today had their prejudicial preferences, my mom would have been institutionalized as a child, sterilized “for her protection” and left to languish in a hospital bed until early death.

The increasing bigotry toward families with children is all the evidence needed to show that we are headed towards a dark and ugly place as a society.


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