Is GOP social conservatism dead?

Polls still show that most Americans still believe that the only definition of marriage is that it is between one man and one woman. But the Grand Old Party (or is it now the “Gay Old Party”?) is veering far left of center on the issue.

When only 2% to 3% of the country identifies as homosexual, why is the GOP abandoning its base to court such a small percentage of individuals?  What is the gain to be had politically for the Conservative cause?  Can it be that true that as with fiscal conservatism (now destroyed), social conservative Republicans have been tricked into unknowingly voting for representatives whose plans all along had been to vote directly against their constituents’ strongly held beliefs about marriage?

In my mind, there was never really a doubt, but like so many conservatives, Iwanted to believe that there was still a chance we, the majority, could still be represented in Congress. It is becoming increasingly apparent, however, both socially and fiscally, that the aparatchiks overtaking both parties are out to represent their own interests.

Read the article and decide for yourself.

(If you’re a leftist, radical, amoral zombie, continue to worship the talking points given to you by your masters and leave me alone).


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