Three Things You Should Know About Islam Before It Affects You

I got hold of this video here, then followed it down the blog posting rabbit hole here, here, here, here, here, and, finally, here (I think, though I can’t find it posted there).

I wonder, as others have, whether Geert Wilders was its narrator. He’s the foremost authority on Taqqiya and Jihad because he’s got his own little fatwa he’s running from.


3 thoughts on “Three Things You Should Know About Islam Before It Affects You

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  2. Bush told Americans “We are not at war with Islam!” This is true, but we should be, in a defensive war, because what he didn’t say was the real issue:
    that Islam IS at war with us. Against us as Americans, against us as Westerners, against all Western European nations, and we need to defend ourselves.
    Why did he lie to us? (He knew this, being head of state is briefed in great detail, he knew he was telling us an outright lie, and knew we were so naive and goodhearted and trusting that we would accept his non-verbal message when he said it – that this was morally righteous, whereas it would be ‘bad’ to be ‘at war with Islam’, (unfair of us?). Our former leader Bush (and others before him) wanted us to hear his lie and believe it. Why? We are already ignorant enough, and this lie hurts his people who he swore to defend and protect.

  3. But to defend oneself is a desirable and necessary thing. After years of being manipulated and intimidated by those in power in schools and media, we are afraid to, even when our self-stated enemies have sworn to kill each and every person who does not bow their knee to Allah and revere and follow Mohammed. We are told to look the other way and be understanding. We are beginning to understand now, even though it’s only the tip of the iceberg, after watching the short 12 minute documentary film Fitna, on the internet which clearly shows the direct link between the Quran and Allah, Mohammed’s commands and examples to all Muslims, and terrorism, in Muslims’ own words, in the Quran’s (Allah’s) own words, from Imams words all over the world, especially in the West. The truth which our leaders do not want us to know is out and readily available mainstream, for in just over 12 minutes, this brilliant expose of Islam will change the way all of us see the world forever. For we will now start to see the world through Muslim eyes. And that although horrifying and depressing, is a good thing. Because we will see reality as it exists for billions of Muslims already. Geert Wilders is my hero and hero for all people desiring fairness, safety and freedom, may he be blessed with ongoing strength to unflinchingly defend his countrymen against brutal tyranny of Islam and the twisted perverse tyranny that many of our cowardly leaders promote. Thank you Mr. Geert Wilders, we the common people of the West love you for standing up and speaking the truth so bravely for defending us.

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