Insurance Broker Burns Rep. Bean in Scathing ObamaCare Debunk Letter

On April 16, 2010, Representative Melissa Bean (D-IL) issued a brush-off response to Craig Mijares, an organizer of the Palatine, IL Tea Party group, regarding his objections to her “Yes” vote on Obamacare.  Here is Bean’s form-letter, canned Democrat response.

C. Steven Tucker, a private sector, multi-state licensed health insurance broker for 15 years, also with the Palatine Tea Party group, responded with a lengthy, yet precise rebuttal to Bean’s “facts” on ObamaCare.

Bottom line? Bean is a liar, through and through. And she doesn’t care that you know it. Her agenda is to rule over you and your health care choices regardless of your status as a free American.

This November, vote for anyone but Melissa Bean. Preferably, vote for a Tea Party-backed candidate in favor of “Repeal and Replace” and send Bean packing.

This letter is definitely worth reading and sharing with anyone who tries to convince you that ObamaCare solves all of America’s health care issues while saving the country trillions of dollars.


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