Here for a better life? Or to deliver drugs and kill people?

Are there Mexican and other Latin American nationals coming to our country for a better life, albeit illegally?  Sure.

Are they ALL coming here just to have a better life?  Decidedly not.

This video from a May 11th raid near the town of Higueras in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, bordering with Texas shows just what types of individuals are attempting to cross over to the United States.

A translation of the news item pasted into the description of the video is as follows:

Elements of the Mexican army busted an improvised camp of a delinquent organization in a breach in the City of Higueras.
The operation happened at 10:00am by the opening Camino a la laguna, about 500 meters from the Marín-Higueras highway.
During the incursion, there was a confrontation with assassins who left behind a dead man.
In the action, some 25 delinquents were able to escape to the hills.
Under a forested area there were secured 12 trucks of different marks that contained military and police gear.
Military sources estimated that in the place were found more than 130 heavy weapons, grenade launchers, machine guns, a missile launcher, a box of grenades, and hundreds of clips, among other things.
As of 1:30pm, military personnel accounted for the arms and all the material was secured onsite.

Just what were all of these weapons doing in a cache only 65 miles from the U.S. border?  I guarantee you they weren’t for shooting jackrabbits.

Not a word from U.S. media outlets on this stunning raid. And only a couple of patriot blogs have reported it., Seattle Times, and CNN all mention a recent incident that killed 3 police and the subsequent arrest of the leader of the Zetas drug cartel, but each fails to make any direct connection between drug trade, immigration, and U.S. border enforcement. CNN’s story about cartel bodyguard training even seems to elevate these thugs to the level of heroes.

To the “leftstream” media outlets, this is just a provincial Mexican story and has nothing to do with our inability to enforce our own border.

We patriots beg to differ.

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