Conservative Link Soup – June 7, 2010

Today’s conservative link soup (see last week’s as well) is full of interesting surprises. Be sure to click on the links for the full flavor experience.

First, we start with a bit of oil. Around 25,000 barrels ought to do it, at least for today’s batch.

Next, we add a bunch of extra celery and sage. Or is that spelled “salary” and “wage”? I can never remember. It’s probably not important. Either way, we’ll probably save money with MORE salary and wage.

Now, we’ll toss in a bit of Kosher salt. Better buy some now in case the supply runs out.

Finally, after bringing it to a slow boil, serve it up piping hot. If photographing it for a magazine or menu, be sure to use Photoshop to make it look more appealing on camera (Warning, NSFW or the squeamish).

If you ruin the batch, there’s always the very real and very tasty Israeli Embassy Soup. Be sure to share it with everyone, leaving none for yourself.

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