Reason #194 to home school: bus drivers

Apologies to any “good” bus drivers out there.

School Bus Driver Lectures Girl on Gay Rights

The girl’s father was told by the school that the bus driver’s comments fell “within the scope of her employment”.

Perhaps unintentionally, they actually told the truth on that. The purpose of schooling is to corral the attitudes and beliefs of a mass of individuals into a common attitude and belief so that the students can be controlled and so that “learning” can be achieved. That’s why you see all these stupid “Safety, Respect, Responsibility (oh, and maybe some reading and math)” sloganeering campaigns in schools.  Things, such as instilling values, that parents are already doing (or should be doing if they had any sense) are being taken over by the schools and are not always in the best interest of the students.

If you haven’t looked into home-based education, or any alternative to public schooling, you might want to give it a think, ‘mkay?

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