If I hated oil companies, how would I erase them?

If I were part of a political movement whose platform was hatred of oil companies, how would I do major damage to them?

Well, I might start by pulling my strings in various arenas of government to damage their infrastructure in environmentally sensitive ways so that doing business would be very difficult.

If I were particularly radical, I might see the greater good in sacrificing the environmental stability of an area to create a disaster so large that it would threaten to bring Big Oil to its knees.

If I were part of such a movement and felt so angry I might just help someone sabotage a major oil platform operating in the Gulf of Mexico so as to adversely affect BP, Chevron, Exxon, Total, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell, BG Group, Repsol, Suncor Energy, and Statoil, among others.

What a problem that would cause for each oil company’s market capitalization!

Now, that’s just crackpot paranoia, you might say.  Yes, you might say that if you didn’t know that critical safety test logs went missing seven hours before the explosion.

While some data were being transmitted to shore for safekeeping right up until the April 20 blast, officials from Transocean, the rig owner, told Congress that the last seven hours of its data are missing and that all written logs were lost in the explosion.

The log confirms that three pressure tests, conducted from the morning to the early afternoon of April 20, indicated unseen underground leakage into the well. But there is no mention of a fourth test that BP and Transocean say was conducted and that they say indicated it was safe to proceed.

In the hours leading up to the explosion, workers finished pumping cement into the exploratory well to bolster and seal it against leaks until a later production phase. After the tests that indicated leakage, workers debated the next step and eventually decided to resume work, for reasons that remain unclear.

Will we ever get clarification on those reasons? Not if the workers in question are not among the survivors. The alarm might even have been muted. The explosion happened when most of the crew was asleep and BP Oil executives were present on the rig to celebrate both an incident-free safety record and the final process of moving the rig to a production well. Who muted the alarm under such conditions? And why?

Even as the Deepwater Horizon was in its last throes before sinking beneath the Gulf, speculation was already rampant about what had caused the explosion. Was it negligence? A freak accident? Foul play?

Contradictorily, another article mentions a man going only by the name of “Stenson” says:

One man in an orange jumpsuit who gave his name only as Stenson said he’d been awake 48 hours. He was on his way home after emerging from the hotel surrounded by relieved relatives, including small children.

“It blew out and we had like zero time from the time the alarm went,” the man said. “It was all in flames.”

Which alarm? The one that was supposed to have sounded before the explosion, but reportedly didn’t? Or another one after the explosion?

A story reported under the headline of Oil Rig Explosion Survivors Arrive In New Orleans by NPR is missing from its Web site. The teaser for the story on Google says:

A boat carrying survivors from Tuesday night’s oil rig explosion and fire contract to the oil giant BP and doing exploratory drilling.

No Google cache version exists either. Why? What did the story say before it was apparently rewritten and replaced with this quite empty one?

There are a lot of questions and nobody is asking or answering them. Had the oil companies “made enough money already”? Is the Energy sector the next target of an Obama bailout? Is Halliburton, which was in charge of sealing the exploration wellhead, really as evil as we’ve been led to believe and is trying to trigger another oil crisis so that we’ll go to war again for foreign oil?

Are you paying attention? Have you looked into this beyond the normal media coverage? Or are you taking it on the word of the wonks and pundits that it was simply an accident that was “bound to happen” because offshore oil drilling is as risky a process now as it was back in the relatively technologically deficient 70s and 80s?

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