Would today’s public schools produce a George Washington or Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin

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Here are the lists of accomplishments of two of our nation’s greatest leaders.

Benjamin Franklin

  • At 15 knew the printer’s trade
  • In the early 20s set up his own printing house
  • At 26 began to issue “Poor Richard’s Almanac
  • Founded an academy which became the University of Pennsylvania
  • Founded the American Philosophical Society as a crossroads of the sciences
  • Researched the physics and possible uses of electricity
  • Was wealthy by the age of 42
  • Reformed the postal system
  • Represented the colonies in England and France
  • Lobbied to repeal the Stamp Act
  • His connections brought loans and military assistance to American rebels which broke the back of the British

All after quitting school at the age of 10 (today’s 4th or 5th grade)

George Washington

Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart
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  • Taught himself dancing and horseback riding, the latter of which saved his life during wartime and the former of which gave him grace that served him well as President
  • Didn’t attend school until the age of eleven, at which time he already knew how to read and do math
  • By age 13 knew how to read bills of exchange, tobacco receipts, leases and patents
  • Learned geometry, trigonometry, surveying from 11 to 16 years of age, taking a surveyor’s job at the age of 16 making $100,000/year in today’s money.
  • At age 21 owned 2,500 acres of prime land
  • By eighteen had read all the writings of Henry Fielding, Tobias Smollett and Daniel Defoe as well as Seneca’s Morals, Julius Caesar‘s Commentaries and writings of Roman generals
  • At 16 wrote extensively on clothing design
  • Architected his own estate of Mt. Vernon
  • At 31 was a successful wheat vendor and grower with several mills
  • In 1771 had built several fishing boats and caught about 9 million herring per year

No public school in the U.S. is capable of allowing another George Washington or Benjamin Franklin to take the national stage.   No, today they would have been screened, tested, and bribed to change their outlook to the narrow one doled out to children today about social truth. Education and schooling have been made synonymous today whereas in Washington’s and Franklin’s time the two were fundamentally different.

No wonder history has been outlawed.

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