Joe Walsh: Not really a man of the people?

Joe Walsh: Not really a man of the people?

Is it possible that there is simply no human being in politics who can keep their integrity?

Carrie Miller, Regional Coordinator of the Schaumburg, IL Tea Party reported the following on April 21st:

Dear Patriots:

This is to advise you since the Primary Election of February 2nd, media reports have revealed information pertaining to Joe Walsh that was not made public previously, which questions his credibility as a candidate.   You can be assured that any/all questionable information will be used against him as the campaigns heat up.

Articles for your review:  Note:  Per the Daily Herald Editorial Board interview (3/18/10 article & video) with Walsh, wherein he stated he earned $40,000 per year, paid rent of $39,600. He had a foreclosure in 2008/2009, then announced his candidacy for Congress.

Capital Opinion:  Local Illinois Race with National Implications

The following articles are from 1996 and 1998 campaigns but provide information on Joe Walsh’s positions at that time in comparison to the present.

Evanston Review

“Fiscally, I’ve always been a conservative, but if I’ve evolved politically, its been as a social liberal”  Joe Walsh statement in the Evanston Review. 1996

Morton Grove Champion News:

Wilmette Life 2 Files (9593KB) | Download All

Federal Election Commission

Walsh Quarterly Report Links

Walsh Detailed April Report

Candidates must file quarterly reports for campaign contributions, expenditures, debt  (March 31st) which are published 15 days later.  In a campaign there are two different types of debt….one for the primary election and the other for the general election.  As of March 31, 2010, Walsh raised $94,891 for the General Election and has a balance of $46,299 ….Bean has $1 million!  Walsh hasn’t retired primary debt of $75,000, plus Walsh personally loaned $28,500 to the campaign for a total primary debt of $103,500, (representing funds owed to himself, vendors and campaign staff (as of March 31, 2010, R. Cape, Campaign Field Manager was owed $10,288.83, T. Livengood, Field Campaign Manager was owed  $2,500, Jim Thacker, Campaign Management, owed $10,000).   The amount of campaign donations determine the viability of a candidate.  Is Walsh showing conservative fiscal responsibility????

In addition, Joe Walsh came right out of the gate saying he was a Tea Party Candidate without meeting with Tea Party Coordinators/Organizers. Pioneer  Barrington Courier Review – 1/21/10

“As Walsh’s campaign manager for Walsh’s candidacy in the 2010 8th Congress Republican primary, Liscio said he developed the strategy to identify Walsh with the “Tea Party” movement.”

You can see this was indeed a set up to use the Tea Party Organization from the onset!

Had a meeting occurred, it would have provided ample time to vet him properly and determine if he was a viable candidate that would have garnered the support of the Tea Party coordinators/organizers/members.     We were definitely caught in the middle.  During the primary, Walsh told constituents what they wanted to hear….based on Tea Party issues to gain member support.

The Republican Party (as reported from Springfield) has essentially written him off for the November election and has offered NO campaign financing, based on an article published in February after the primary.   The Republican Party has asked him to get out of the race.  In 1996 the Republican Party gave him $65,000….There must be a reason they aren’t supporting him now.

You may ask, is there an option?  Yes, Walsh can pull out of the Congressional  race!  Bob Cook, Lake County Republican Chairman, would then appoint a new candidate.

Also, if you signed up with the Joe Walsh campaign to be a volunteer, providing your email address, this is to advise you your email address may have been shared with others.  Should you receive emails, which you haven’t in the past from Dan Proft (Proft is on staff with the Walsh campaign) or Joliet Tea Party, (if you provided your email address to Dan Proft during the primary election and then unsubscribed, which I did, your email address is not retrievable,), you will know your address may have been compromised.  I, as well as other Tea Party members have been receiving emails from both and haven’t signed up with either party.

As always the decision is yours. Please forward .

Carrie Miller
Regional Coordinator
Schaumburg Tea Party

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