Being “railroaded” by China

Not too long ago, we had two worries about China: the massive amount of American debt they now hold in their hands and their growing nuclear arsenal “somehow” falling into the hands of Iran and Korea. Turns out we have another worry. They want to build all our high speed railroads. And, we’re about to let them.

Yes, I’m fully aware that the article states that they are “bound” by “rules” that 80% of the effort is going to be done by Americans in America, for America. But I don’t buy it. Not with this president, this Congress, and the yayhoos who are running the pillar institutions of our once-great nation. These folks would sell their grandmother’s hospital bed to the Chinese if it meant that their pockets would be lined and their power over the people would be preserved.

I’m not pro-union by any stretch. I used to actually believe that globalization of markets was a good thing. That it didn’t matter who was building what and trading with who because in the end if one side makes money and the other is happy with what they got, capitalism FTW!

How naive I was. We should be building these trains for ourselves with our own engineers and scientists leading the charge. But we don’t because we drained our best minds in a broken education system that only serves to kill innovation and herd kids into jobs as stock brokers who help average Americans “go broke” while they get rich, or as “lawyers” and social do-gooders who eventually end up on a government payroll.

Trade imbalances like the one we have with Asia lead to power imbalances (follow the money). At some point we will have to pay the fiddler and if we don’t, somehow those nifty electric trains we just bought from the fiddler won’t work anymore. I had hoped we had learned our lesson about foreign entanglements over the means of fueling our transportation economy.

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