MSNBC: True or false? Top 7 health care fears

I used to be worried about the Federal Government’s new role in health care, but I gotta tell you, ever since I read this completely unbiased list of reasons not to fear, I feel 100% confident that my government will never, ever abuse its new powers.

Okay, sarcasm filter off, but I just don’t have the time or desire this Easter morning to break down the fantasies that are outlined in this article. Besides, Tea Party supporters, like myself, are often accused of putting words in the mouth of the administration, so it’s probably best that I leave the analysis up to you. All I ask is that you consider the history of major government takeovers and massive entitlement programs. Make a list of the ones that were spectacular successes and the ones that were fabulous failures and make your own conclusions about Obamacare.


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