Crashing the evil Tea Parties…and other signs of the times

The next time you read an article about how some anonymous right-wing nutjob from a Tea Party group did this or that violent act, consider that it’s quite likely that it was instead a saboteur. If the person actually got caught doing something illegal, don’t discount the hand of an agent provocateur.  On April 15th, an effort will be made by a wily band of anarchists to crash Tea Party demonstrations across the United States.  It is our duty to peacefully but firmly deny these saboteurs and agent provocateurs the opportunity to act like childish college preppies trying to get into a frathouse party.  Some advice: bring a video camera.

Know thy enemy. He is not as peaceful as you are being led to believe.

Folks, we only struggle between rule of law and rule of men.  The very notion of anarchy or “nobody rules” is folly. Those in power do NOT want to let go of it and they will do anything and everything to keep it, including whipping up these useful idiots to commit acts of rage against supposed “machines” that they don’t actually understand.   But any reading of history will demonstrate that nature abhors a vacuum when it comes to power. Before the dust of anarchy settles, someone will step up to the plate and take control if the people abdicate their responsibility.

In other news (H/T to Palatine, IL Tea Party):

Caterpillar announced that Obamacare would raise its insurance costs by at least 20 percent – or more than $100 million – Just in the first year of the health-care overhaul program. And Caterpillar was not alone. Other Fortune 500 firms quickly followed suit announcing Obamacare hits to their bottom line including:

  • AT&T ($1 billion)
  • John Deere ($150 million)
  • 3M ($90 million)
  • AK Steel ($31 million)
  • Valero Energy ($10 million)

Verizon has informed their employees to expect significant changes to their current health care benefits.

Social Security is now bankrupt….projections were off by 6 years.  This is the first time in history Social Security payroll deductions will not equal the disbursements.  Congress continued to borrow from this Fund for all their “pork barrel spending” over the years…. would not address the foreseen crisis and now have bankrupt the fund!  IOU’s don’t go far in this economy. And with the “Baby Boomers” coming of age….what does that tell you.  Borrow more money!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Crashing the evil Tea Parties…and other signs of the times

  1. I think it’s great how Teabaggers are finally starting to look into Anarchism. I hope you all take this opportunity to learn about the split between Bakunin (one of the first Anarchists) and Marx, Lenin’s mass murder of Anarchists during the Russian Revolution, and the Anarchist CNT-FAI labor union’s heroic struggle against Fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

    • I think you’re confusing us with sheeple who might be fooled into having respect for your planned juvenile behaviors (you might want to try the element of surprise next time). Anarchism, no matter how you paint it, is as bankrupt as an ideology can be. Get over it, grow up, graduate, get a job, have some kids (ok, maybe scratch that), start a business, and pay some taxes. You’ll soon be begging to join up with us.

      Oh, and it’s “Tea Partiers”. I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own bus station bathroom stall, but leave our movement out of it.

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