What should Matt Lauer ask President Obama on Tuesday?

via Have a question for President Barack Obama?

Matt Lauer has an interview with Dear Leader on Tuesday’s TODAY show.  MSNBC wants you to submit the questions you’d like Mr. Lauer to ask Mr. Obama.

Here’s my response:

What Matt Lauer should ask Obama:
  • Why did you circumvent the Constitution to pass health care?
  • Why do you continue to spit in the face of the American people by appointing 15 new union bosses to top posts in your administration while Congress is in recess?
  • How do you sleep at night?
What Matt Lauer will actually be asking:
  • Are you happy that millions of Americans will now have universal access to free health care?
  • Can I get you a pillow? Are you comfortable enough?
  • How’s the dog?
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