In Soviet Amerika you don’t get health care…

Multitask! Buy a t-shirt to both inform and annoy.

Multitask whilst you protest! Buy the t-shirt that both informs and annoys.

In searching for the right words or media to express my displeasure with the socialization of our great nation, this t-shirt emerged from the depths of my anger. I’m selling it…both to help offset the tax burden of the next four years and just to thumb my nose at establishment elites who think they’ve gotten away with something.

Just to be absolutely clear, CongressCritters, I will not forget what you have done.  I will hock this shirt and parade its message until you either come and drag me out of my house and throw me in jail for doing so or we get back to being a Constitutional Republic.

Anybody else wanna join me? Please buy the shirt. Or, go on and remix the design onto your own (I’ll get a modest commission for your efforts).

After all, I won’t be able to afford one for myself until I sell at least five of these puppies.

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