Arguments of health care legislation cost are irrelevant

Arguing with your liberal opponent about the cost of the health care legislation currently before the house is doubling down on stupid. The fact that the bill is going to cost $1 or $100 trillion sidesteps the core First Principles being violated (as in raped) by so many of the leftist, marxist, kitten-kickers in Congress.

The Founders made it very clear. One subject per bill, one vote per person in both the House and the Senate, then a signature by the President for a bill to become a law.  Dispute about contortionist “rules and parliamentary procedures” is exactly the distraction Democrats are counting on to keep you from realizing the true fraud they are perpetrating on our citizens and nation.

Don’t fall for it. If you read this before “deem and pass” occurs, call your representative. If you read this after “deem and pass” occurs, join legitimate efforts by grassroots groups to challenge the bill’s constitutionality in court.

Whatever you do, don’t just roll over and go back to sleep.  When you wake up, you won’t recognize anything.

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