Recess Nazis: Another reason to home school your kids

Yet another reason home school is such an attractive option for our family…

Instead there is Brandi Parker, a $14-an-hour recess coach with a whistle around her neck, corralling children behind bright orange cones to play organized games. There she was the other day, breaking up a renegade game of hopscotch and overruling stragglers’ lame excuses.

via Blessing and Curse of Structured Recess – No Goofing Off.

Yes, you read that right. Hopscotch is now the equivalent of smoking in the boys’ room unless it is supervised by a teacher.

Ok, there’s something wrong in a world where we only feel secure if we have someone watching over us and telling us what to do 24/7.  It’s like we’ve given in to the prison warden mentality…and certainly these so-called “at risk” kids are going to be living in a self-fulfillment of the fears of the adults hovering over them every minute.

Look, I didn’t particularly enjoy being bullied as a child. Nobody does. And yes, there are dangerous things that occur on playgrounds. Yet, even though I haven’t forgotten the bullying, looking back on my elementary school years my memories are more about the fun I had than the bullying.  But what I appreciated most about recess was the chance to power down from, say, a particularly difficult math period or something embarrassing that happened to me in the classroom.  It was my moment to hide, to collect my thoughts, to stare into space if I wanted…or to run, play tag, climb something, invent a make-believe situation with my friends, and a dozen other things.

My daughter, who is homeschooled, gets these opportunities and so many more. And she is the better for it. She can go outside and do whatever she likes when she completes some of her tasks, then she comes back in refreshed and ready to learn more.  I only wish more parents could/would homeschool their children and deprogram them from the corporate-ness of today’s school system.

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