This Just In: Obama Declares War On Fishing

Andy and Opie will need to find a new fishin' hole

Andy and Opie will need to find a new past time

Thinking of packing up your fishing gear, heading out to the local pond, and spending some time contemplating life and drowning some worms…and maybe some of your troubles as well?

Not so fast, my freedom-loving American friends.

We’re in a new age, doncha know. We’ve got to get on board this new train.

“Marine spatial planning (MSP), according to the United Nations, is ‘a public process of analyzing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in marine areas to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives that usually have been specified through a political process.'”

Translation from U.N.-Speak to English: Along with your guns, we’re coming after your rods and reels.

via Fishermen’s fear: Public’s ‘right to fish’ shifting under Obama?

Backing up a bit:

The Obama administration has proposed using United Nations-guided principles to expand a type of zoning to coastal and even some inland waters.

Wait, that’s new. What?

Proponents say the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force established by President Obama last June

Hold it, hold it! A new task force agency created? Last June? This was not reported to the American people. They didn’t vote on this.

“It’s not an environmentalist manifesto,” says Larry Crowder, a marine biologist atDuke University in North Carolina. “It’s multiple-use planning for the environment, and making sure various uses … are sustainable.”

But there are assurances that not all inland fishing will be shut down, right?

Mr. Obama has said he will not override protections put in place by Presidents Clinton and Bush that established recreational fishermen as a special class.

Obama “has said” many things. Hasn’t he, Nancy.

But critics still worry about the Obama administration’s ties to environmental groups that espouse “anti-use” policies that put some habitats out of reach even for rod and reel fishermen, who take only 3 percent of America’s landed catch every year.

Darn straight, they worry. Three percent. Out of every fish landed (for non-anglers, that means you catch the fish and actually bring it into the boat or on shore).  Recreational anglers favor catch-and-release, taking only a few (the legal limit) because to take more would ruin the experience for everyone.  That’s why we respect locally adopted legislation, not some U.N. mandate. We know how best to govern ourselves, thank you very much.

On the other hand, nonpartisan experts [which would be…who, exactly?] say the task force has already made strides in better recognizing various stakeholder groups, including recreational fishermen, and that it doesn’t intend to undermine the ability of states to manage their natural resources, as many fishermen fear.

They never say, in these stories, who “some”, “many”, and “most” are.  And like lemmings we just accept that.

The final report of the task force is expected in late March.

Wait, that’s now. While we debate with our representatives to let them know that they’re voting for health care we don’t even want, Obama is slipping this past us.

Congress will decide its fate, unless Obama issues an executive order establishing MSP as the law of the water.

Ohhh, did you catch that? All the way at the end of the article, which most people will never see, let alone read to the end.  Check it again…

Congress will decide its fate, unless Obama issues an executive order establishing MSP as the law of the water.

Yup, you got the analysis here, folks. I read to the bottom of the article so you don’t have to. But I wish you would. And blog about it, too.

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