Ravitch Recants “Radical” School Choice & Accountability Beliefs, Adopts Radical Leftist Beliefs Instead

In the age of Hope and Change, we find this interesting story.

Education Week: In New Book, Ravitch Recants Long-Held Beliefs

In 308 pages, it lays out the reasons for Ms. Ravitch’s about-face on charter schools, school choice, and other market-oriented reform strategies in education, and explains why she no longer supports the federal No Child Left Behind Act and other endeavors designed to hold schools and teachers accountable for their students’ test results.

The article stops at a pay wall—which could, ironically, be said for most school system reform because of over-representation of unions—but here is Ravitch being interviewed by the author of this article (presumably).

Note her statement that she “lost hope”. She also says “I am not a radical” when stating that current attempts to open up the stagnant U.S. school system to more competition and ideas for funding are “too radical”.  Yet off she goes in the other direction, a 180 degree radical left turn.

I wonder what else is behind this. Pressure to backpedal from the NEA and other education pressure groups?  Is Rainbow PUSH and “The Marxist Organization Formerly Known as ACORN” getting some play in here?

Time will only tell. And, yes, it will tell.

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